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Ars Magica: The Scilly Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXX, aestas
A.D. 1220, summer
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Llwyd of Bonisagus
Merlor of Flambeau
Rissa of Merinita
Lady Shona of Ex Miscelanea
Matteus de Taranto
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Abeth is the daughter of a landless knight from the county of York who traded her as a baby to the Fairies of the Summer Court for the gift of his wife becoming pregnant with a son, whom he could train to take over his title. Appreciating irony, the fairies in turn raised and trained Abeth in the combat skills her father intended to teach is son before releasing her back into the world. The son was totally incompetent with knightly weapons.

Arriving in York with little understanding of the real world, Abeth wandered and make a living selling her sword until an innkeeper who disapproved of her unladylike behavior told her that she should go guard a wizards convenient where they keep unnatural people like her. Taking the insult as good advice, Abeth made her way to Coventus Muri and offered her services.

Over the few years she was there, she served proudly in a guard that appreciated her and become good friends with the familiar looking fairy-blooded Shona. When Shona declared her intentions to leave the convent and seek out another to join, Abeth offered to accompany her, confident that wherever the new magus Shona landed, her shieldgrog would be accepted and appreciated.


Name: Abeth
Race/Nationality: English
Place of Origin: County of York
Family T.B.E.
Age 22 (1198)

Character Sheet


Intelligence -1 Presence +0 Bravery +2
Perception +0 Communication +0 Loyalty +2
Strength +2 Dexterity +2 Adventurous +1
Stamina +1 Luck +1

Virtues & Flaws


Pursuant (Single Weapon)


Ability Block: Literacy
Faerie Upbringing


Skill Specialty Score XP
Area Lore - Conventus Muri (Geography) 2 15
Area Lore - North England (People) 3 30
Area Lore - South Wales (Geography) 2 15
Animal Handling (Horse) 3 30
Athletics (Dance) 3 30
Awareness (Keeping Watch) 4 50
Bows (Short Bow) 3 30
Brawl (Dodge) 2 15
Faerie Lore (Summer Court) 3 30
Folk Kin (Covenfolk) 4 50
Language: Northern English (Traveler's) 5 75
Language: Western Scots Gaelic (Conversational) 2 15
Ride (Endurance) 2 15
Single Weapon (Sword & Shield) 5 + 2 100

Personality Traits

Mundane Qualities


Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialization Score Fluency
Northern English Yorkshire Traveler's 5 Fluent
Scots Gealic Western Highlands Conversational 2 Broken




  • Longsword +2 Init; +4 Atk; +1 Def; +6 Dam; +1 Load
  • Heater Shield +3 Def, +2 Load
  • Short Bow -1 Init; +3 Atk; +0 Def; +6 Dam; 15 Range; -1 Str; +2 Load
  • Leather Scale: +3 Prot; +3 Partial Load; +5 Prot; +5 Full Load



  • Encumbrance: 1 (2 in full armor)
  • Soak: 4 (6 in full armor)
  • Dodge: Init +1, Atk +8, Dfn +8, Dam +2
  • Punch: Init +1, Atk +8, Dfn +8, Dam +2
  • Kick: Init +0, Atk +8, Dfn +7, Dam +5
  • Grapple: Init +6, Atk +9, Dfn +9, Dam +2
  • Dagger (Melee): Init +8, Atk +12, Dfn +10, Dam +5
  • Dagger (Thrown): Init +8, Atk +2, Dfn +6, Dam +4
  • Sword and Shield: Init +10, Atk +14, Dfn +14, Dam +5
  • Shortbow: Init +1, Atk +9, Dfn +6, Dam +10