The Scurlock Mysteries

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Wild Blue Yonder 2
The Scurlock Mysteries
Scurlock Brothers
Arras · Tertius · Baston · Edward
Setarra · Jedmund · House Staff
The Manor · Secrets · Curios
Magistrate Holpine · Viceroy Skein
Constable Tume · Mr. Plom
Brance Verley ·
Other Imperials
Lady Blackbird · Karkus Kerp
Setting · House Rules
Adventure Log

Lord Scurlock is dead. His estranged children have returned home to Ilysium for the funeral and disbursement of the estate. However — there is little left; the manor servant, Jedmund, has collected the last 82 crowns in a small coffer, and with it only a shabby couch and two withered horses, the family crest and swords, a portrait of a strange woman, and Lord Scurlock’s prized hunting rifle (hidden away from prying eyes). 'The other attendees at the funeral are Lord Scurlock’s creditors. They hover about the manor like vultures, eager to recoup some measure of their losses.

Who will they pay? Who decides? What entanglements remain from Lord Scurlock’s nefarious life, and who will turn them to their advantage?

The Cast

Family Status

Pressed for funds and surrounded by a tangled web of conspiracies, the family seeks to maneuver themselves into the void their father has left.

  • There is still no "official" Lord Scurlock
  • Protection money shakedown comes up Month 2 Week 3.
  • Viceroy Payment at next Monthly Card Game (Month 2 Week 4, Saturday)
  • Viceroy 'touring' the orphanage next Friday (Month 2, Week 2)
  • Look into offshore location
  • Look into the gang who stole the Navigation Device
  • Hand over the Land Deed
  • Assemble actual airship consulting for cover