The One Ring

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The One Ring
Game Time
4th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Third Age, 2946
Current Year
Third Age, Summer 2950
The Fellowship
Aegir Wüdsworth
Bilbanes Broadfoot
Theodwin of Woodland Hall
Ulrik Foehammer

The Fellowship


Elf-Tower Inn

Rating: 6 (Superior Inn)

Pooled Treasure

The Company

Guide (Travel) Ulrik Foehammer, Bilbanes Broadfoot
Scout (Explore) Theodwin, Aegir Wüdsworth
Huntsman (Hunt) Dindraug, Brand
Look-out Man (Awareness) Lissiriel, Adonniel
Fellowship Focus

Important Characters you have met

Memorable characters you have met

  • Della the Baker


The Story So Far


Chapter 1, The Fellowship Forms

Chapter 2, A Time for Celebration

There were 5 possible adventures at the Gathering of Five Armies celebration, you did 2 of them:

Chapter 3, The Journey Begins

Chapter 4, Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit

  • Misc. - Easterly Inn History

Chapter 5, Those Who Tarry no Longer

Chapter 6, A Message from Rivendell

Chapter 7, The Chase

Chapter 8, Darkness in the Marshes

Chapter 9, The Elven Tower

Chapter 10, Ambassadors

  • Section 5 - If you cannot beat them, negotiate

Chapter 11, The Ring of Power

  • Section 4 - Ghosts guard that which is theirs

Chapter 12, A Princess in Need

Chapter 13, A Wedding Uninterrupted

Chapter 14, Dwarves in the woods

Chapter 15, A Royal Escort

Chapter 16, The Dol Guldur Betrayal

Chapter 17, A Princess Goes Home

  • Section 2 - A leisurely walk amongst the golden leaves

Chapter 18, The Dunland Witch Trial

Chapter 19, By the wight of the moon

Chapter 20, Battle of 5 Armies, redux?

  • Section 3 - Seven Rangers (七人のレンジャーズ)

Chapter 21, The Shadow and the Dragon

Chapter 22, Kingdom of Rhovanion

Rules Clarifications

House Rules

Archer rules:

When an archer rolls an EYE, they should then roll a d6: on a result of 1-3, the archer has just one last arrow in his quiver. Being “low on ammo” makes for dramatic choices. When an archer fumbles his shot (i.e., rolls an EYE and fails the attack roll), he has emptied his quiver and is out of arrows! Being “out of ammo” makes for very dramatic choices.

Rules Errata

Concerning Blighted Places - a Clarification

The rules found at page 57 of the Loremaster’s Book detail what happens when a company of adventurers enters an area qualifying as a blighted place. From the way the rules have been presented in that chapter, it seems that players are required to make Corruption tests every time they cross areas rated as Wild lands, Shadow lands and Dark lands, making for a rather unforgiving rule.

The original intent of the rule was that it is always left to the discretion of the Loremaster to determine whether a place must be considered blighted or not. The Blighted Lands table must be used when the Loremaster has decided that an area is indeed blighted, to determine the frequency of the required Corruption tests.

For example, the text for the Marsh-bell adventure applies the rule as intended, when at page 130, under the Entering Mirkwood paragraph, the bulleted text states that “The part of the Long Marshes that is inside Mirkwood qualifies as a blighted place.”

Under this interpretation, it is entirely possible for an area found within a region classified as Wild, Shadow or even Dark not to require any Corruption test to traverse. As far as the accumulation of Shadow is concerned, the various region types as classified in the Loremaster map serve as guidelines for the Loremaster to decide whether the region currently traversed by company is blighted or not, with Free lands being rarely blighted, and Dark lands being mostly so.

The Cultural Blessing of the Elves of Mirkwood should be:

FOLK OF THE DUSK: When an Elf of Mirkwood is inside a forest or under the earth, or it is night, his Attribute bonuses are based on his favoured rating in all rolls involving the use of a Common skill.

Starting Gear

Small-sized Heroes: The list of weapons available to Dwarf characters (AB, p.76) should include Sword.

Background (Woodman)

Woodmen (Fairy heritage) erroneously has Search as a Favoured skill: it should be Awareness instead.

Page 75, Spider-poison.

The sentence, “... is paralysed and falls to the ground after a number of rounds equal to his Body or Heart rating ...”, should be read as, “... falls to the ground paralysed after a number of rounds equal to his Body or Heart rating ...”.

A paralysed character is considered to beunconscious, or otherwise defenceless