Star Wars MegaGame 2014

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Star Wars MegaGame 2014
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Mark, Benjamin, Brendon
Game Time
Saturday, 5 PM - 1 AM slot
Game Year
Post Order 66
Character Creation · Turning Points
Act I
Entry · One Ping Only
Act II
Collaboration Notepads
By Group
Adam's Group · Mark's Group
Ben's Group · Brendon's Group
Cerebro's Stats · Enemies

Welcome to the MegaGame page. Below you you will find many links, a few instructions, workspace, and a final upload space for your Act I and Act II notes when you're done.

This is what will be published online:

The last few weeks were rough ones, constantly on the move, running from the Empire with the constant paranoia of being watched by minions and Dark Side acolytes you swear must report directly to Darth Vader himself. You were once a Jedi Padawan, and you know that paranoia is completely justified, but that's small consolation that just makes the running all the worse if you really think about it.

Of course, that pales in comparison to the friends you lost when you were hiding out on Nar Shaddaa, working for the Hutts. It wasn't a pretty existence, but you were alive, and the Empire wasn't poking around. Well, they weren't poking around until another runaway Jedi stopped by and Vader tracked her there. You thought the Sith Lord was there for you until you met the Jedi. That Jedi died for you so you could get away and find others like you, to have a chance at life again. But some of your friends, the friends you lost, they turned to the Dark Side. They abandoned your old friendship and joined Vader instead.

No matter how blind or foolish the Jedi were before their fall, there's no way you can fathom how people you once called friend could have turned to Vader like that. Like the night the Temple was destroyed when you were only children, you'll never forget it.

Now, being on the run again has strengthened your remaining friendships - though not without a few disagreements along the way. The one constant has been to crack into the final gift the Jedi snuck to you in her dying moments: a holocron, a small device that could contain untold amounts of Jedi knowledge and information. Bouncing around from system to system, every night you tried different ways of opening the holocron, hoping you get a sign of where to go before your ship fuel, food, and small stash of credits run out.

Hoping, that is, until it finally opened, revealing information for an abandoned archaeological dig on a distant world. If the data is right, the powerful artifact - something ancient that could tap into the Force itself - was left behind and hidden in the old dig. This could change all your futures! You have to go in, and you have just enough fuel to get there and off again. The question is: if Darth Vader was chasing the Jedi keeping this, did the Empire know the secret she kept?

You and your friends must act fast and work together to solve the mystery and keep the artifact from falling into the hands of the Emperor, who will always desire Power Through the Force.

The Game

*All Links From Further Off This Page Are Spoilers*

The Characters Characters have been redivided and links to old characters are on your "Group" page. Use this page as a place to work on yours for feedback (we are "leveling them up" and building them in the case of Brendon) and of course reload them here in our nifty new sheets when we have them ready. For older records we have:

  • Character Creation Some notes from previously just "for the record" to show the spirit we created them in. Remember, we are also upgrading characters to a total of +150 xp.
  • Young Hutt's First Minions (Adam) These guys joined the light side.

The Plot The evening will start with a brief recap of the prior game, stressing group co-operation, and some redivision of characters based on the current objectives.

The following pages are places for you to share your notes for Act I up to the Cliffhanger:

Use the space below for sharing your finished summaries or bullets of challenges/events/details/npcs/etc. Use your "group" page in the sidebar as a free notepad space - your personal space. This below will be quick links we can reference when meeting. Neat and tidy.


Introduction In which we learn the set up for the plot. (Script)

Act I

  • Act I: Entry
    • Act I: Forest For the gung-ho team going through the dense terrain with large carnivorous fauna.
    • Act I: Cliffside For the slick team pretending they are Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.
    • Act I: Town For the suave team interested in Imperial and local entanglements.
    • Act I: Front Door For the whip-cracking team looking for the things that belong in a museum.

Cliffhanger: One Ping Only In which we discover we are not alone in the galaxy.

Act II

The following pages are places for you to share your final notes for Act II up to the FLIP ZE SWITCH.

Cliffhanger: FLIP ZE SWITCH In which we tear down the wall.


  • Coda Our Conclusion should segue into next year... a bit of a cliffhanger in of itself. Not really a conclusion!