Star Wars MegaGame 2013

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Star Wars MegaGame 2013
Alpha GM
Beta GMs
Adam, Erik, Mark, Tim/Benjamin
Game Time
Saturday, 6 PM - 2 AM slot
Game Year
Post Order 66
Character Creation · Turning Points
Prologue · Summary
Light Side
Act 1 · Act 2 · Act 3
Dark Side
Act 1 · Act 2 · Act 3

As a child you stood frozen with your classmates in the Jedi Temple as the sounds of blaster fire and igniting lightsabers grew closer. You tried to look over your shoulder to see what was coming as your teacher, a Jedi Master, pushed your class down a back hall and onto a shuttle. You stared out the window with growing dread while your teacher closed the shuttle's door and stood alone, prepared to die so that you could escape. As the shuttle hurtled upwards, you saw a dark figure cut down your teacher with a fierce blue blade.

It's been five years since that day. The shuttle had been a one way ticket to Nar Shaddaa, the polluted criminal hub of a moon that orbited Nal Hutta, the capital of the Hutts. You and your classmates have had to rely on your wits to survive, all the while lying as low as you can in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa just to keep away from Imperial sympathizers or bounty hunters that might want to turn you in for the tidy sum of credits the Imperials would pay for a surviving Jedi, even if you were just kids at the time.

But now there are rumors that may cause your precious wage-slave-for-the-Hutts existence to come crashing down. You've heard rumors that Stormtroopers were spotted on the planet. The Imperials might be talking with the Hutts. The local criminals are starting to give you the shifty eye. And you swear, on your life, that you felt someone nearby use the Force. And it wasn't one of your classmates.

Some of you have been anxious to leave, feeling that you deserve better. Some of you want the quiet life, somewhere in the Outer Rim where the Empire won't ever go. Some of you want vengeance for the deaths of the Jedi. Either way, you all want off the hive of scum and villainy that is Nar Shaddaa. Will it lead you down the Light Side path you were taught as a child, or will your desires drive you straight to the Dark Side and the waiting hands of the Empire?

The Game

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Mechanics Notes:

The Characters

The Plot