Star Wars Armada: Corellian Conflict Campaign

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Star Wars Armada: Corellian Conflict Campaign
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Campaign Fleets

Imperial Rebel Alliance
Admiral Screed Erik's Fleet
Ben's Fleet Karen's Fleet
Brendon's Fleet Mark's Fleet
Lisa's Fleet Tim's Fleet

Campaign Log

Round 1

Bases and Presence

Imperial bases were set at Corfai, Drall, Corellia, and Saberhing.

Rebel Presence was announced at Nubia, Forvand, Plympto, Centerpoint, Froz, Aurea, Xyquilline, and Crash's Drift. Bases were revealed at Xyquilline and Crash's Drift. The base at Crash's Drift was destroyed.

Resource Points

Each team has this amount of resource points to spend from this round:

Rebel Resources: TBD + 104 + unknown bases and outposts

Imperial Resources: TBD + 326

Matching Brackets

|Attacker Defender Location Objectives Outcomes
Sato (Mark) Jerjerodd (Brendon) Duros Hyperlane Assault Imperial Victory to Jerjerodd (Brendon), +40 resource points to Imperials, no campaign points
Screed (Adam) Ackbar (Tim) Xyquilline Show of Force Imperial Victory to Screed (Adam), Rebel Base Revealed, no campaign points, +80 resource points to Imperials, +40 resource points to Rebels
Constantine (Ben) Dodonna (Karen) Crash's Drift Fighter Wing (to Dodonna (Karen)) Imperial Victory to Constantine (Ben), Rebel Base Revealed and Destroyed, +2 campaign points to Imperials, Resource Points TBD
Raddus (Erik) Thrawn (Lisa) Vagran Capture the VIP TBD

Fleet Building

Read and download the Learn to Play - it is not the full rules but a good start, especially in seeing similarities and differences coming from X-Wing minis.

Go explore the different ships (and get some practice building fleets) using the * Armada Fleet Builder

It will take you step-by-step through different ships and extras. It will show all the variations for the different classes and upgrades in all of the categories. This includes stock model vs. named version, like turning a YT-1300 into the Millenium Falcon or a Pelta into the Phoenix Home for our Rebel friends. If you click to zoom in on a card, it will reinterpret the language or explain some of the bits.

And an example breakdown of what is on a card:


There are a few stipulations:

  • 1. Each person's fleet may be no more than 400 pts
  • 2. Each fleet must have a commander, and a flagship is chosen that the commander is on.
  • 3. Conservation of characters. Some, like Darth Vader, appear multiple times in different roles (commander slot, officer slot, weapons team, etc.). Only one Darth Vader in one role can be used in any and all of the Imperial fleets.
  • 4. Upgrade cards we do not have can be used easily from the online app.
  • 5. No more than 1/3 of pts can be used on squadrons to start with
  • 6. If an upgrade is greyed out, it is not available to you for that ship.
  • 7. Only one upgrade in each slot. (One commander, one offensive, etc.)
  • 8. For the Corellian campaign, only one upgrade can be on any ship to start. The commander does not count.
  • 9. Over the course of the game, we will calculate resources to buy additional upgrades.

Example for 8 and 9: On the Chimera, I can take the ISD base I want to start with, Grand Admiral Thrawn as commander and the named ship upgrade "Chimera." I cannot add any other upgrades to start but must acquire them over the course of the campaign.

Fleets and Models

Imperial Build Notes

Notes: This list is to be updated to show the total pool of ships for adding using campaign resources

Current Imperial Navy:

Capital Ships:

  • One (1) ISD Chimaera (Kuat Refit)
  • One (1) ISD (Kuat or Cymoon refit, ISD I or ISD II) (Devastator, Avenger, Relentless - others online)
  • One (1) Victory-class ISD (Vic I or Vic II) (Dominator - others online)
  • Coming soon: One (1) Interdictor

Cruisers, Carriers, and Corvettes

  • One (1) Raider Corvette (Raider-I or Raider-II) (Impetuous or Instigator)
  • Two (1) pair (two per base) of Gozanti Cruiser/or Assault Carriers (Suppressor or Vector) (one is Erik's)


  • Eight (8) TIE Fighters (Howlrunner, Mauler, Mithel, could print others)
  • Two (2) TIE Advanced (Darth Vader)
  • Two (2) TIE Bomber (Major Rhymer)
  • Two (2) TIE Interceptor (Biscuit Baron)
  • Two (2) Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters (Gar Saxon)
  • One (1) pack of Villainry: one each: Aggressor Assault Fighter (IG 88), Firespray 31 (Boba Fett),

Rebel Build Notes

In addition to Erik's fleet, A+L have these models to offer the Rebellion:

  • One (1) Pelta (the Phoenix Home model)
  • Three (3) Nebulon B frigates
  • Three (3) CR 90 Corellian Corvettes
  • One (1) MC80
  • One (1) Pack of GR-75 Medium transports (it's two on a stand)
  • One (1) squadron A wings
  • One (1) squadron B wings
  • Six (6) squadron X wings
  • Two (2) squadrons Y wings
  • Two (2) set of Scum: one of each: HWK-290, YT-1300, YT-2400, Scurrg H-6 Bomber

Mark’s Models

  • One (1) Nebulon-B
  • One (1) CR-90 Corvette
  • One (1) Profundity (MC75)
  • One (1) Pelta Class Ship (Phoenix Home)
  • One (1) MC30c Frigate
  • One (1) Rebels II: two E-Wings, two Lancer Pursuit Craft, two VCX-200 freighters, two Z-95 Headhunters