Star Wars: X-Wing Campaign

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Star Wars: X-Wing Campaign
Xwing minis logo.png
Brown Squadron
Rock, HWK-290 (Mark)
Vulture, ARC-170 (Tim)
Nova, B-Wing (Ben)
The Twins, 2 Z-95s
Bullseye, (Karen)

This X-Wing Miniatures campaign is using the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Co-operative Campaign. Players create pilots and will advance as we successfully complete missions.

Part of the Rebel Alliance, the members of Brown Squadron are sent to the Aturi Cluster to reinforce rebel activities.

Dramatis Personae

  • Mark, HWK-290, callsign Rock
  • Ben, B-wing, callsign Nova
  • Brendon, Z-95, callsign Twins
  • Karen, X-wing, callsign Bullseye
  • Tim, ARC-170, callsign Vulture


  • Mission 1: Tread Softly
  • Mission 2: Imperial Entanglement
  • Mission 3: Care Package
  • Mission 4: Cloak and Dagger, Failure
  • Mission 5: Capture Officer, Success
  • Mission 6: Nobody's Home, Success