Norman Rockfellow

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Name: Dr. Norman Rockfellow

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Concept: Law Professor
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 39
Date of Birth: 1971

Place of Birth: Bay Area

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Average
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Auburn



Norman Rockfellow is a law professor at UC Hastings as well as a practicing lawyer in the Bay Area. Both his academic and law practice tend to focus on civil rights cases, with a noteable load of legal cases involving the Second Amendment, making him an oddity in a notoriously liberal institution in America's most liberal city.

He was born outside the Bay Area, but has completed all his education within the Bay Area and considers the area his home. Beginning with his undergraduate years at UC Berkeley and extending to his years as a law student at Stanford Law School, he became involved with politics at all levels, attending rallies, working for campaigns. He has been active in politics as an advisor, fundraiser and policy expert for nearly 20 years. As such, he knows virtually everyone involved in Bay Area politics, has excellent grasp of California's political scene and is familiar with key players in D.C.


Resources •••••
Norman Rockfellow is very rich. He is approximately in the $50,000/month range with assets into the millions

Quick Draw
He can draw a pistol and fire or pull a melee weapon without penalty as a single action.

Language (Latin)

Aikido ••
Ukemi ("Receiving"): He knows how to fall properly and get up quickly. He may stand up from prone once per turn as a reflexive action, considered to have one point of armor against bashing damage called by falls but not other sources.

Aiki ("Harmonious Energy"): He can defend against a throw by avoiding the attack and seizing his opponent's damage. He can forgo Defense to roll Dexterity + Brawl; if exceeds opponent's damage, suffers no damage and applies a grappling hold or shinoage (the next level of Aikido). He may employ against Brawl, Weaponry, or close-range Firearms attacks. This constitutes your character's action for the turn.

Combat Marksmanship •••

Shoot First: Whenever he begins combat with a drawn firearm, he gains an Initiative roll equal to his Firearms skill

Tacitcal Reload: He can reload a firearm as a reflex action

Double Tap: When using a lever-action, pump action, or semi-automatic firearm he may make a short burst attack as if the gun were capable of autofire.

Fast Reflexes

+1 Initiative

Retainer ••
Norman has a retainer to handle the "Kirk Ryder account". This retainer is a transvestite ("ladyboy") to prevent Kirk Ryder from hitting on him -- at last more than once.

Allies (Courts) ••

Status (Courts)
Status (Academics)

Contacts (Vampires/Werewolves)
Contact (Japanese Mystics)
Contact (Kirk Ryder) ••

Attributes and Traits


Intelligence •••   Wits •••   Resolve •••
Strength ••   Dexterity •••   Stamina ••
Presence •••   Manipulation •••   Composure ••

Derived Traits

  • Size 5
  • Speed 10
  • Defense 3
  • Armor 0 (1 vs falls)
  • Initiative Mod 8

Other Traits

  • Health •••••••
  • Willpower ••••••
  • Morality •••••••


  • Academics •••••
    • Law ••••••
  • Computer •
  • Crafts •
  • Investigation ••
  • Medicine •
  • Occult ••
  • Politics ••••
  • Science •
  • Athletics ••
    • Run •••
  • Brawl ••
    • Aikido •••
  • Drive •
    • Motorcycle ••
  • Firearms •••
    • Pistol ••••
  • Empathy ••
    • Motives •••
  • Expression ••
  • Intimidation ••
  • Persuasion ••
    • Fast Talk •••
  • Socialize •
    • Formal Events ••
  • Streetwise •
  • Subterfuge •
    • Misdirection ••