Mass Effect: Agents

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Mass Effect: Agents
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Game Time
4th Saturday of the month
Argyle Mann
Rahl'Temo Nar Whal
Kieren MacLeod
Koll'Rinn Nar Teema


Main Article: Mass Effect: Agents Introduction

You are all aspiring agents, operatives, or some other kind of “troubleshooter” working at a — shall we say — less-than-official capacity for your various patrons and employers. Dirty jobs that are outside the law or even legal jobs where the agency, group, or corporation needs deniability — that’s where you come in. It’s no secret that there is a great demand for people with your kind of talents, along with no shortage of paranoia on both sides of the hiring table in this business. Trust and a reputation as a good agent are two commodities not easily purchased on the black market, something your characters are hoping to earn.

House Rules

Main Article: Mass Effect: Agents House Rules

While we are using the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition (4th Edition), there are a number of rules that need to be modified in order to fit to the Mass Effect universe. See the main article for details.


Character Race Player
Argyle Mann Human Ben
Rahl'Temo Nar Whal Quarian Matt
Tyrus Turian Tim
Kieren MacLeod Human Jason
Koll'Rinn Nar Teema Quarian Erik
Lauren Asari Karen

New Systems

The Mass Effect galaxy is large. In addition to the canonical worlds, you will be encounter some new worlds as well.

The Celestial Garden

This cluster represents a heavy colonization effort from China and Chinese-led business interests via the Systems Alliance. The Celestial Garden is within Citadel space and is protected by the Alliance Navy. The cluster’s Mass Relay is in the Emperor Qin Shi Huang system and is linked to the Exodus Cluster (Eden Prime).

There are the 4 major inhabited systems within this Cluster, each with a colonized garden planet. Each system is assumed to have smaller outposts around other planets in the system for mining or research purposes.

The Emerald Nebula

The Emerald Nebula receives most of its colonists from North American interests, particularly Pacific coast governments, organizations, and corporations. This region also houses the main off-world population of ‘First Nations’: North American natives who have rallied to claim a planet of their own and be freed of the injustice of having their land forcibly removed over the centuries. While it has not won universal acclaim among the many disparate tribes and nations, several hundred thousand have made the move and begun a ‘colonialist-free’ life in the Emerald Nebula.

The Emerald Nebula is within Citadel space and is protected by the Alliance Navy. The cluster’s Mass Relay is in the Redmond system and is linked to the Exodus Cluster (Eden Prime).

After Action Reports