Marvel: In the Heat of the Night

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Marvel: In the Heat of the Night
The Stranger
The Engineer
The Faceless Hero
The Game
Rank 2 (Street Level)
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Atlanta, Georgia



Cast of Characters

  • Wiretap, or Alexander Anderson, a private investigator with strange tech, played by Adam
  • The Stranger, or The Man With No Name, a mind-wiped Eternal, played by Lisa
  • The Engineer played by Mark
  • The Faceless Hero by Ben
  • Zilla, a monstrous crocodile man from Florida, played by Brendon

Active Superhero Teams in Georgia


Former Superhero Teams in Georgia

The Cavalry

The Cavalry was part of the 50 States Initiative and was the team for the state of Georgia. Its members consisted of Ultragirl, Thor Girl, Crime-Buster, Red 9 and Stunt-Master. During the Skrulls invasion, Thor Girl revealed herself as the sleeper agent on the Cavalry. Luckily the Thor Girl Skrull was subdued. After being freed the real Thor Girl join the team. The Cavalry has since disbanded.

Base of operation: Rose Mansion on Peachtree Street

Superheroes known to be active in Georgia


Mageia is a demi-god. The son of Hecate and a mortal man. From interviews and off the cuff remarks online sleuths have been able to put together the following information. He was born during Hetate's banishment from Olympus. No one has been able to piece together his father's identity. He has stated that he is not allowed to enter Olympus until he has proven himself. People suspect he must have a secret identity because he has never been spotted around Georgia except when fighting crimes. When asked Mageia has stated he is the god of magic artifacts and places, although there is a huge debate about this online. His powers are clearly magic, which makes sense, given that his mother is the goddess of Magic. He is around 6'1" with dark brown hair, blue eyes and olive colored skin.


George Smith was a washed-up stunt motorcyclist who was offered $1000.00 by Crime-Wave to kill Daredevil. After fighting Daredevil he reformed and turned to the side of good. Some months later, he teamed-up with the Ghost Rider and also aided the Avengers against the Grim Reaper. Nothing was heard from him in a long time until he was recruited for the 50 States Initiative and became leader of the Georgia based Initiative team, The Cavalry. After the Skrulls Invasion, the 50 States Initiative was put on hold. The Cavalry team however stayed together and kept fighting the good fight for a time before disbanding.

Red 9

Red Nine aka Wallace Jackson is a former member of The Cavalry. His powers come from the suit he wears, which was created by his uncle. The suit allows him to fly and gives him superhuman strength. The costume also gives him a force field which protects him from harm and enables him to shoot energy bolts.

Super Villains known to be active in Georgia

Wave Runner

Real name: Bobby Rae Duval

Wave Runner is a mutant super villain that can change his body to water. His powers are very similar to Hydro-Man, another super villain. The emblem on his suit is a jet ski.

Other Super Villains that you have run into

The Chaos Syndicate

A group of supervillains associated with the Maggia.

Current lineup:

Dark Shadow
Little Vito
Fast Eddy
Headshot, Leader of The Chaos Syndicate

Adventure Log