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Ironclaw Game
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Alright, this is the first time I've done any wiki, so my formatting is going to be awful.

The setting of the ironclaw game will start in Triskelion. a tiny nation in the middle of the continent, it happens to sit across every single major trade route across the continent, allowing the ruling house, the Rinaldi, to build into a major economic power that, in theory, at least, holds the fealty of the other major players on the continent of Calabria.

So far, the cast includes: Tim's equine "body"guard, Karen's red fox dilettante Eric's grey fox Almoner (white mage)

Jason and Adam have both expressed interest in Wolves of some kind, though more details will be needed.

The group is heavy on social skills, without much in the way of combat ability- IIRC, Erik is the only one who actually knows how to hit things with a mace, though Tim can do farely well for someone untrained.

So far, I have tim's character recently out of work (how was he to know that Siamese had a twin sister?!) and Karen and Eric knew one another from the schoolhouse- one the acknowledged bastard child of a noble, the other abandoned on the steps of the abbey.

Electronic character sheets can be found here: