Ironclaw: Anthropomorphic Early Renaissance

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Ironclaw: Anthropomorphic Early Renaissance
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The setting of the Ironclaw game will start in Triskelion. a tiny nation in the middle of the continent. It happens to sit across every single major trade route across the continent, allowing the ruling house, the Rinaldi, to build into a major economic power that, in theory, at least, holds the fealty of the other major players on the continent of Calabria.

Electronic character sheets can be found here.

Since this is (at least initially) a "one-off" we will be starting at the HEROIC power level. Starting Trait dice will be d10, 2d8, 2d6, d4. Starting Skill Marks will be 18 (max 5 per skill). This is in addition to the standard 3 species gifts, 3 career gifts, Local Knowledge (Triskelion), Combat Save and Personality Gift. The effective Experience is +60 (Reference PG 336 - Host's Book)

Starting cash is Career Dice + 10 Denarii

Other Variant Rules / House Rules being Used.

1. Player Characters will use Individual Initiative (PG 336)

2. Flaws will be discussed

3. For this session, everybody "refreshes" at Dawn.

4. We are starting in Triskalion in Mid-Summer.

5. Please pick one of the standard races from the players book, and a standard build-out. No Kung-Fu Pandas!

5. Do not play a TIger. They are an NPC race, for now - they're a "foreigner" and I don't have a reference for their culture.

6. Ditto Dragons, Ki-Rins or other Asian animal.

There will be a couple of pre-generated characters, If you don't have time to build one.