Golden Sky Stories

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Golden Sky Stories
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The Player Characters
Tovera - Young Dragon
Miyako - Horse Henge
Haru - Tosa Inu Henge
Okuni Abe - Kitsune
Kinji - Tanuki
Miguel de Almeida - Ghost
Tsukiko (月子) - Witch
The Stories
Story List
The Local Gods
Goddess of Mt. Kaminaga · Goddess of Gokou River
Humans of Hitotsuna
Arata Misuzu · Arisa Aikawa · Miyuki · Natsu · Daisuke · Billy Watts · Anna Watts· Hibito Maruyama · Akinari Nakamura· Sena · Junpei Kawakami · Shinjiro
NPC Henge & Mononoke
Touki the Kodama · Haruko· Ryuha
Animal Friends
Ghost the puppy· Buckeye the Sparrow

The Player Characters

The Stories

The stories will be stored in a Story List that will include a brief description of the story, with links to a more detailed description with a list of characters who were highlighted in it.

The story takes place in the mystic town of Hitotsuna, a small coastal town that has managed to hold on to its fishing and agricultural way of life.

The Denizen's Hitotsuna

The Local Gods

  • Goddess of Mt. Kaminaga - The Local God of Mt. Kaminaga, A Giant Spider who prefers the form of a young woman
  • Goddess of Gokou River - God of the Gokou river, a bit of a trickster, and a Giant Centipede that takes the form of a young girl.

Humans of Hitotsuna

  • Arata Misuzu - Haru's owner, he is a child who was born very sickly, and at times uses Haru as a service dog.
  • Miyuki - A young girl of about 10, she is a diligent student, but is still afraid of ghosts.
  • Arisa Aikawa - A girl who has just gotten into a prestigious high school in Tokyo. She has promised to return to Hitotsuna.
  • Natsu - A daughter of the local Shinto priest Daisuke, and acts as a Miko for the main shrine, the Misuzu Hachiman shrine.
  • Daisuke - The Shinto priest in charge of the Misuzu Hachiman shrine. He can be a bit hidebound.
  • Billy Watts - A young boy whose family has moved to Hitotsuna, from San Fransisco, and is having a hard time fitting in.
  • Anna Watts - The mother of Billy Watts, she is a half-Japanese American who has moved to Hitotsuna with her husband who is working in the area.
  • Hibito Maruyama - A young boy who wanted to meet his father, and who bullied Billy Watts when pressured by his peers
  • Akinari Nakamura - a divorcee who hadn't seen his son Hibito Maruyama since the divorce until the players intervened
  • Sena - A young boy that is friends with Hibito Maruyama, took care of Buckeye the Sparrow's broken wing after he hurt him
  • Junpei Kawakami - The Buddhist priest at Amao Temple.
  • Shinjiro - A friend of Natsu and Arisa Aikawa from middle school, and older brother of Mutta, is a fan of anime and manga. Often called Shinji

NPC Henge & Mononoke

  • Touki the Kodama - An old Kodama of the largest Sakura tree in front of the Hitotsuna-Nushi shrine. He cares greatly for Arisa Aikawa
  • Haruko - A Wolf Henge whose territory encompasses the waterfalls up the Gokou river in the foothills of Mt. Kaminaga. She rarely visited town before falling for Natsu
  • Ryuha - A young Carp Henge, who got lost in Hitotsuna trying to find the waterfalls of the Gokou river, but with a bit of help manage to jump the falls and become a dragon

Animal Friends

  • Ghost the puppy - A young puppy who was found in front of the Hitotsuna School. Miyuki ends up taking care of him.
  • Buckeye the Sparrow - A little bird that had its wing broken by Sena. Has fully recovered and returned to the wild.

Mechanics and Concepts


  • Henge: Awareness and interaction with the spiritual and supernatural.
  • Animal: Physical and natural abilities, such as agility, strength, and perception. Also covers interactions with the natural world.
  • Adult: Covers interactions with the civilized, human world. Also covers attempts to control one's self or act responsibly.
  • Child: Covers childlike interactions, friendships, and wildness. Also covers creativity and impulse.

General TNs

  • 2: No check Needed
  • 3: Fairly Simple
  • 4: Takes Talent or Effort
  • 5: General Competence
  • 6: Professional Competence
  • 7: Skilled Application
  • 8: Expectoional Application
  • 9: Borderline Supernatural


Daytime Twilight Night
Ears & Tail 4 0 2
Tail 6 2 4
Human 8 4 6