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Ars Magica: The Scilly Saga
Game Start
Anno Domini MCCXX, hiems
A.D. 1220, winter
Game Year
Anno Domini MCCXX, aestas
A.D. 1220, summer
Magi of Leo
Eos of Tytalus
Llwyd of Bonisagus
Merlor of Flambeau
Rissa of Merinita
Lady Shona of Ex Miscelanea
Matteus de Taranto
Robert, the Steward
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Beatrice, the younger of Robert and Emma’s two children, inherited much of her father’s natural curiosity, much to her mother’s annoyance. As could be expected, she was being raised by her mother to be a maid in the household, though her instruction quickly grew to include music when her mother discovered her gift for improvised playing. Even the traditional plan of following her mother’s steps in the household has been put up in the air with their sudden move. The result is a fifteen year old who is distinctly unsure what she’s going to end up doing in life, but is not overly concerned about it.

She views the trip to found a new covenant with the magi as a grand adventure. Being young and having no strong attachments to her home has let her set off with particularly few regrets. Although she misses her sister, they have both promised to learn enough to stay in touch with letters.


Name: Beatrice
Race/Nationality: English
Place of Origin: Outside Shrewsbury
Family Robert (Father)

Emma (Mother)
Agnes (Sister)

Age 15

Character Sheet


Intelligence +1 Presence +1 Bravery -1
Perception +2 Communication +1 Loyalty +0
Strength +0 Dexterity +1 Curiosity +3
Stamina +0 Luck +0

Virtues & Flaws


Latent Magical Ability
Free Expression


Soft Hearted


Skill Specialty Score XP
Awareness (Hearing) 3 30
Charm (Superiors) 3 30
Craft (Sewing) 2 15
Folk Kin (Servants) 3 30
Music (Psaltery) 2 15
Profession (Maid) 2 15
= = = =
Area Lore: County of Shrewbruy (People) 2 15
Area Lore: England (People) 2 15
Organization Lore: English Nobility (Shrewsbury) 2 15
= = = =
Language: Southern English (Conversational) 5 75
Language: Welsh (Conversational) 2 15

Mundane Qualities


Known Languages

Language Dialect Specialization Score Fluency
Southern English Shrewbury Conversational 5 Fluent
Welsh Powys Wenwynwyn Conversational 2 Basic Conversation