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Genesys: Japan
Mythic japan.jpg


Race: Deva (Demi-God)

Ascended Being: When preparing the Story pools at the beginning of a game session, add one Story Point to the GM pool instead of the player pool.

Career(s): Knight

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 3 2 1 3 2

Soak Wounds Strain Defense
3 17 11 1 1
  • +1 Defense from Hakama (Heavy Robes)

Current Status

Strain 0/11
Wounds 0/17

XP Total XP Unspent
0 0


  • Class: Arts (Visual), Athletics, Discipline, Leadership, Melee (Heavy), Melee (Light), Resilience, Vigilance
  • Cross-Class: Arcane, Divine, Primal
  • ✓ denotes class/specialization skill

Intense Focus (Talent): Upgrade any skill check for one Strain.

Skill Ability Level Roll Notes
General Skills
Alchemy Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Arts (Performance) Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Arts (Visual) Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Athletics Brawn Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Cool Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coordination Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Discipline Willpower Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Driving Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Medicine Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Perception Cunning Eote-green-die.png
Resilience Brawn Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Riding Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Skulduggery Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Stealth Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Streetwise Cunning Eote-green-die.png
Survival Cunning Eote-green-die.png
Vigilance Willpower Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Social Skills
Charm Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coercion Willpower Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Deception Cunning Eote-green-die.png
Leadership Presence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Negotiation Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge Skills
Knowledge Adventuring Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge Forbidden Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge Geography Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge Society Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Combat Skills
Brawl Brawn Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Melee (Heavy) Brawn ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Melee (Light) Brawn Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Ranged Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Magic Skills
Arcana Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Divine Willpower ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Primal Cunning Eote-green-die.png