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Wild Blue Yonder 2
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Adventure Log

Session 1: Weeks 1 & 2

The Funeral

First Explorations

Session 2: Weeks 2 & 4

Plans of Auction

  • A team of skilled & unskilled labor is brought in to shore up the area immediately surrounding the livable section and bring all portable items to the front parlor for consideration.
  • The newly opened sections of the house are searched, and the material brought to the parlor is sorted through by family members.
  • Arras spends several days at the records office, searching on father's old dealings.
  • Bastion spends several days in the secret study, attempting to decipher father's old notes.

Consulting Services

  • Bastion attempts to extort a payment from one of the Father's old "consulting" contracts. He bungles the price, however, and it is rejected.
  • Tertius and Setarra set to make good on the threat. The ship is boarded under cover of a storm, and while the ship is not destroyed, much of the valuable cargo is looted. Tertius and Setarra head off to "Paris" to fence the stolen good and lay low for the remainder of the week.

Session 3: 4th Weekend

The Scurlock Auction

  • Unexpected and dramatic arrival of a fourth brother - Edward Scurlock
  • Navigational Tool was stolen during the auction - discovered thief to be ---.
  • Able to raise over forty crowns.


  • Edward searches the house.
  • Tertius and Setarra track down ---, the navigation tool thief and Tertius' rumored mother.
  • Arras returns to the government office, discovers Magistrate --- is an enemy of Magistrate Holpine.

Cards Among Peers

  • 19 Crown paid to Viceroy Skein
  • Magistrate Holpine knows that we know about Magistrate ---'s concerns.
  • Agreed to turn over the deed as promised. Will be "bumped up the list" for another speculation cycle.

(P.S. Dice hated us.)

Session 4: Month 2, Week 1

Totally Legitimate

  • Bastion and Arras search the city records and find family paperwork (mostly Arras)
    • Bastion was officially put through as an adopted son, giving him (technically) the most legitimate claim
    • Paperwork of acknowledged bastard status was identified for Arras, Edward, and Tertius was discovered.
    • Are quite sure that no other potential children have registered paperwork.
  • "Consulted" a merchant who was launching a new ship for 25 crowns.

Orphanage Entanglements

  • Tertius, Edward, Setarra, and Jedmund check into the shady dealings with the Viceroy, attempting to discover counter-blackmail which can be used to get him off our back.
    • Viceroy is a patron of several local orphanages
    • Children 'disappearing' out of these orphanages is a known occurrence, they sometimes return after a short while, acting strangely.
  • A twelve-year-old child, Septus, was discovered at an orphanage. He bears a familial resemblance to Father.
    • The mother's name was discovered among Father's collection of letters of women who claimed they had his child, on an appropriate timeline.
    • The mother died of a drug overdose despite not being a known drug user.
    • The mother was an opera singer, may have been an unacknowledged bastard of another line. Known for several lovers, and blackmailing them.

Spy Haven

  • Discovered a Haven Emissary has also been looking into who the potential heirs to Scurlock are.
  • Discovered that Father was spying on the Haven Embassy and its people. Probably for Lady Blackbird.
  • A Haven-aligned individual approached Tertius, unsubtly proposing that they could back his claim to the lordship in turn of favor.

Dark Secrets

  • More information was discovered about Father's experiments, many of them quite dark.
  • With the horrors of the experiments, Setarra pushed the brothers well against the memory of their Father.

Session 5: Month 2, Week 2

Among Us

  • There is a mole in the Haven Embassy, probably near the top. They are communicating through dead drops.
  • There is a strange reluctance to their writing
  • Tertius and Setarra talk with on of the envoys

Weather Service

  • Arras field the paperwork for our Airship Consulting
  • Bastion and Tertius; conduct the first "consultation"

Session 6: Month 2, Week 3

His Final Hours

  • Father was bedridden for about a week prior to his death.
  • Symptoms may show he may have been poisoned or experimented on himself
  • Always had to "replace essence" from the creation of Bastion
  • A lot more discussion, but less progression.

An Offer They Can't Refuse

  • Following up on the Mysterious Navigator Missing
  • Confronted the Gangsters who ended up with the device
  • Forced ourselves into the expedition to where it leads

An Offer They Could Refuse

  • Paid off the local gang to "keep the door open" for future coaperation (-5 Crown)

Weather Service

  • Steel Guild join us for a "consultation" session.
  • Held at the study at the Manor
  • Payed to "predict" a storm to hit the lower dock for 2 days.
  • (+30)