Demon Setarra

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Setarra in human form as Miss Susan Weatherby

"An ancient demon, released from long imprisonment, seeking vengeance and freedom"


Large, black shark-eyes. Razor claws and teeth, Black, wet scales. A hideous beauty.




  • Deception - Manipulation - Education - Occult - Arcane Lore - Lost Mysteries - Stealth
  • Human Guise


  • Intimidate - Demonic Gaze - Willpower
  • [Terrify] - [Resist] - [Hypnotize]

Sea Demon


  • Power - Leech - Summon or Control - Water, Storm, Cloud, Leviathans
  • [Essence] (linked to water)


  • Demonic - Strength - Speed - Razor Claws or Crushing Grip - Vs. Sorcerers
  • [vs. Demons] (linked to vs. sorcerers)

Special Abilities

Sea Demon: You are immortal. You cannot be killed or destroyed. You may be injured by magic or start metal. You may be bound by ritual magic and controlled by the commands of a sorcerer. you were made in the ancient sea and know the song to call leviathans - the greater demons of the lower depths.

Leach Essence: Once per scene, you may steal life essence from up to four humans you can see. They may attempt to resist or avoid your power if they have the means. If you overcome them, you steal on of the pool dice (this can take you over your maximum). if they have none to give, they become drained.

Dice Pool: 8


The Key of Vengence: You will make those suffer who bound you and your kind in the crystal prison. Tun this key when you lay your vengeance upon those who deserve it. Buy off Forgive them.

The Key of the Liberator: You will release any bound demon you find. Turn this key when you attempt to do so. Buy off Leave a demon imprisoned

The Key of Service: You are a demon, sworn by arcane oaths to obey when under the say of sorcery. Turn this key when you submit to the magical command of a sorcerer. Buy off: Defy a sorcerer's will.


Active Injured Drained Driven Off Hindered Bound Furious Swayed Overwhelmed

Equipment & Gear