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Operation: No Deal

With a combination of hard work and luck, Pima County Sheriff’s Department had managed arrest a small time drug transporter and discover, from her phone, that she was supposed to deliver to a distributer who’d never met her. The distributer would then take her to his warehouse, which the Sheriff’s Department had been trying to locate for a number of years.

The Sheriff was eager to seize this opportunity, but needed a woman who matched the description the woman had provided of herself, specifically short and blonde. They also needed someone who would be willing to be in the middle of a high threat operation. With nobody in their own department fitting the bill, they turned to BlackEagle. Jen, who was supposed to go on the camping trip with the rest of the team, was offered this job to complete first.

Jen flew out to Tuscan, where she met up with the people in charge of the operation. After bringing her up to speed on the operation and who she was supposed to be, they gave her the woman’s cellphone (now being tracked by the police), sidearm and pickup. Jen drove it to a desert motel and stayed the night, just to put some distance between herself and the Sheriff’s people. The next day she drove to the designated meeting location and waited.

The dealer’s agent, apparently hard up for product, did not push Jen to hard – only asking a few basic questions before taking her at face value. With the initial meeting concluded, Jen went back to her car one of the dealer’s minions going with her. The two of them drove off and, following the agent’s directions, ended up at a roadside motel. They headed around to the parking lot behind the attached diner to unload the product into one of the attached pantry-storerooms.

With the product unloaded, Jen tried to excuse herself to depart. The boss’ conversation and advances, however, made it impossible for her to figure out how to leave without raising suspicions. Meanwhile, facing a high likelihood of bystanders arriving in the evening and an increasing chance that Jen would be found out, the Sheriff decided to go forward with securing the building and arresting the criminals. A half hour later, as Jen was finishing the beer pressed upon her, the raid began.

Jen intended, and had been instructed, to simply duck out of the way and let the raid take place. Her proximity to the boss, however, prevented that from being a possibility. Instead she found herself being shoved out the back door in a retreat while the more thuggish members attempted to hold the police at bay. Without much choice she went along with it, until the two of them were alone in the back of the motel where the boss had stashed a jeep.

Not wanting to end up in a high speed chase, and now with no one else to threaten her, Jen took the opportunity to throw the man to the ground and pin him. The attack took him by complete surprise, and he was still cussing her out when the Sheriff and his men caught up with them. She cuffed him, handed him over and was glad to call it a day. Back in town as herself the next morning, Jen was waiting in the airport for her Seattle/Tacoma flight when she heard about the communications blackout.