Millennium's End House Rules

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Millennium's End
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Millennium's End House Rules


  • Handguns and Machine Pistols are used with the Smallarm Skill
  • Two-handed Submachineguns use the Longarm skill
  • Anything on Full Auto uses the Automatic skill
  • Any grenade/rocket/missile launchers use the Rockets skill

Equipment Purchasing and Sales

  • The first purchase price (the more expensive one) is to purchase the item outright. The secondary is to rent the item. Say you want to rent some Night Vision Goggles for a mission. The price (for example) listed is $1000/$750. To purchase them, you pay BlackEagle Licensing and Purchasing (referred to later as B/E L&P) one thousand dollars. To rent them for the mission, you give L&P $750. If you return the item in good condition with acceptable wear and tear, you get your money back minus ten percent for processing.
  • Selling weapons and gear found on the field will be purchased by BlackEagle at 1/4 of current MSRP, adjustments for legality, quality and condition to be expected.

Skill Changes

The following skills have been moved from their original categories:

  • Military Science is now an Academic Skill
  • Police Science is now an Academic Skill
  • Geology is now a Scientific Skill

The following skills have been added to the skill list:

  • Demolitions is now a Domestic and Technical Skill
  • Forensics is now a Scientific Skill

New skill specialties may be added at GMs approval.