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Rogue Trader: Drake Dynasty
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Dynastic Power
Character Level: 31,250 XP / Rank 8
Profit Factor: 43𝖕
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Lucretius ‘Felix’ Leiter was born on the Albion in 784.M41, while it was still threatening to become a permanent part of Port Wonder. Raised as a lowborn member of the Adparit clan, it should have been his lot to toil away in the hard labor or administration of the Albion for the entirety of his productive life. Fate, however, seemed to have other plans.

At the age of sixteen, just months after he started working with his fellow administrators, Felix turned in a report to his supervisor, who was in the middle of a meeting with his own boss. The subject of the meeting had shifted, and Felix, now being the closest employee, was sent to retrieve records from the liberium. The Master of Records was off duty, so Felix used the indexing system to find the records himself. Impressed with his resourcefulness, Felix was promoted on the spot. This would start a pattern of “Right place, right time” events that shaped Felix’s life.

The final and most influential of all of these fortuitous events was another courier position. In 814.M41, Felix was chosen to lead a small group to Ryza, to inform Acanthus Drake that he had just inherited the title of Rogue Trader, and that it was time for him to claim his place among the nobles of the Imperium. His connection to the Rogue Trader and subsequent actions led Drake to appoint him as High Factorum, raising this once lowborn man to one of the top positions in the dynasty.


Name: Felix Leiter

Rank: High Factotum
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Thirties
Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: Port Wonder

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Build: Lean and fit
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown


"I'm sure we can come to some kind of an agreement."


Talents and Traits


  • Hard Bargain Gain +1 Profit Factor after a successful endeavor.
  • Infused Knowledge All Common and Scholastic Lore skills are Basic Skills, +10 bonus to known Common and Scholastic Lore.
  • Jaded Ignore Fear and Insanity from non-warp sources.
  • Nerves of Steel Reroll Pinning
  • Light Sleeper Always assumed to be awake, even when sleeping.
  • Marksman No Penalties for Long or Extended range.
  • Sharpshooter No Penalties for Called Shot.
  • Paranoia +2 Initiative.
  • Peer (Void Born) +10 Social Interactions with Void Born
  • Peer (Merchent Houses) +10 Social Interactions with Merchent Houses
  • Polyglot All languages are basic skills but suffer a -10 penalty.
  • Rapid Reaction Agility test to act normally if surprised.
  • Rapid Reload All reload times are halved.
  • Resistance (Psychic Powers) +10 vs. Psychic Powers
  • Rival (Inquisition) -10 Fellowship when dealing with the Inquisition.
  • Street Knowledge (-5 Scolastic Lore on Non-Koronus Subjects)
  • Talented (Commerce, Barter, Evaluate, Inquiry) +10 to checks.
  • Total Recall Remember all basic things, an Intelligence test for high detail.
  • Unremarkable Any attempts by others to recall Felix suffer a -20 penalty.
  • Pistol Weapon (Universal)
  • Basic Weapon (Universal)
  • Melee Weapon (Universal)
  • Exotic Weapon (Digi-Needler)

Seneschal Abilities

  • Seeker of Lore Spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic test. Test is resolved at minimum time required.
  • Seeker of Lore Add one bonus degree of success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry or Evaluate test.



Weapon Skill (WS) Ballistic Skill (BS) Strength (S) Toughness (T)
57 40 31 44
•••• •• ••
Agility (Ag) Intelligence (Int) Perception (Per) Willpower (WP) Fellowship (Fel)
42 55 59 49 66
•••• •••• ••••

Experience and Derived Characteristics

Wounds Armour Fate Points XP Spent XP to Spend Corruption Insanity
11 6 (30%) 4 27,000 550 2 8


Half Move Full Move Charge Run
4 8 12 24
Base Leap Base Jump
3 m 60 cm


Skill B T +10 +20 Bonus Equipment
Awareness (Per) X X X
Barter (Fel) X X X X 10
Blather (Fel) X X X
Ciphers (Mercenary Cant) X X
Charm (Fel) X X X
Climb (S) X
Command (Fel) X X
Commerce (Fel) X X X X 10 10
Concealment (Ag) X
Contortionist (Ag) X
Deceive (Fel) X X X X
Disguise (Fel) X X X
Dodge (Ag) X X X
Evaluate (Int) X X X
Gamble (Int) X
Inquiry (Fel) X X X X
Intimidate (S) X X
Logic (Int) X X
Psyniscience(Ag) X X
Scrutiny (Per) X X
Search (Per) X X
Secuirty (Per) X X X X
Silent Move (Ag) X
Swim (S) X
Speak Language: Low Gothic (Int) X X
Speak Language: High Gothic (Int) X X
Speak Language: Trader's Cant (Int) X X
Secret Tongue: Drake Dynasty(Int) X X
Secret Tongue: Administorum (Int) X X
Secret Tongue: Military (Int) X X
Cyphers: Rogue Trader (Int) X X
Cyphers: Underworld (Int) X X
Cyphers: Mercenary Cant (Int) X X
Common Lore: Koronus Expanse (Int) X X 10
Common Lore: Underworld (Int) X X X 10
Common Lore: Administorum (Int) X X 10
Common Lore: Imperium (Int) X X 10
Common Lore: Adeptus Arbites (Int) X X 10
Forbidden Lore: Archotech (Int) X X
Forbidden Lore: Xenos (Int) X X
Drive: Ground (Ag) X X

Personal Items

  • Calculace Array (+10 Commerce Skill Checks)
  • Digesta Emporia Armaggedon (+10 Commerce in Armaggedon Sector)
  • Saboteur's Supplies (+20% Security, -20% Awareness to Hear)
  • Data-Slate (Stores Information)
  • Body Glove (Best Quality; AP4)


  • Archeotech Hunting Rifle
Rate Range Damage Pen Clip Reload Special
S/-/- 200m 1d10+3 I 10 5 Full Accurate, Never Jams, Indestructible, Omniscope

An Archeotech Hunting Rifle discovered on Armaggedon, this unique craftsmanship seems to resist all attempts to discern more than a rudimentary understanding of its operation. In the same way, it also completely resists even the most abusive environments (including, according to its former owner, a ambull's claw). Includes integrated omniscope. Uses a slug version of Kraken rounds (included).

  • Power Sword
Damage Pen Special
1d10+5+3 R 5 Balanced, Powerfield

This power sword is an adamantine bladed long sword with a hilt decorated with a gold and silver Aquila motif. When its power cell is activated, by touching a control located on the hilt, the blade is sheathed in a lethal blue corona of disruptive energy. This energy field allows the blade to carve through flesh, bone and armor plate alike.

  • Cane Bolter, Best Quality
Rate Range Damage Pen Clip Reload Special
S/-/- 30m 2d10+5 X 4 1 2 Full Tearing, Hellfire, No Jam

These concealed weapons take the form of richly decorated staffs, canes or batons and house one bolter round which has been modified with a penetrator tip to pierce the lower end of the staff. While they can be reloaded they are primarily designed for single use. Afterwards they can be reloaded and re-disguised when the time allows it. The bolter cane is known to be operated with a variety of ammunition types.

  • Cane Sword (same cane), Best Quality
Damage Pen Special
1d5+1+3 R 2 Balanced, +10 to hit

These concealed weapons also take the form of richly decorated staffs, canes or batons and house a thin, finely crafted adamantine rapier. Although not able to cause the grievous bodily harm of traditional imperial sabers or long swords this monomolecular tipped thrusting weapon is excellent at penetrating light, often hidden, body armor.

  • Digi-Needler
Rate Range Damage Pen Clip Reload Special
S/-/- 3m 1d10 R 0 1 1 Full Toxic(1)

The technology required to manufacture digi-weapons is beyond the capabilities of the Imperium. Digi-weapons can only be created by the Jokaero species. Accordingly, they are very rare and almost impossible to buy. Their possession is normally restricted to the extremely wealthy or influential; they are more commonly used by Inquisitors

  • Naval Pistol, Best Quality
Rate Range Damage Pen Clip Reload Special
S/3/0 20m 1d10+4R 0 10 1 Full Tearing

Similar in design to the stub automatic, this model of a naval pistol is a heavy-duty sidearm who’s beauty far outweighs its power. Its main body is chrome and onyx, while its grip is a dark blue glass with gold dragon inlay. Originally commissioned for a high ranking Drake Dynasty officer, the weapon is used as much as a tool for disciplining rebellious ratings as a proper firearm. Because of its heavy and robust design, a naval pistol can be wielded in close combat with the negligible damage to the weapon.

  • Officer's Cutlass, Best Quality
Damage Pen Special
1d10+3 0 Balanced, +10 to Hit, Shocking

Arguably closer in design to a saber then a cutlass, this was another example of a weapon commissioned centuries ago for a high ranking officer of the Drake Dynasty, resulting in a similar blue and gold aesthetic and dragon motif. The adamantine blade is not particularly sharp by imperial standards but is connected to a variable shock generator allowing the weapon to generate anything from a mild jolt to life-threatening static discharge.

Normal Gear

  • Bodyglove
  • Uniform Clothing
  • Officer's Cutlass
  • Naval Pistol
  • Refractor Field

Social Gear

  • Bodyglove
  • Fine Clothing
  • Cane Bolter/Sword
  • Digi-Neadler
  • Refractor Field

War Gear

  • Stormtrooper Carapace
  • Archeotech Rifle
  • Power Sword
  • Refractor Field