Vidar, Son of Veig

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The One Ring: The King's Own
Game Time
?th Saturday of the Month
Starting Year
Fourth Age, 1 (3021 TA or 1421 SR)
Current Year
Fourth Age, 1 (3021 TA or 1421 SR)
The Fellowship
Laramie Twofoot
Déor, Horseman of Rohan
Vidar, Son of Veig
Chapters Past

Like the rest of his kin in the Blue Mountains, Vidar's parents were survivors scattered by the fall of Erebor. Unlike their peers, however, they chose not to continue along the entire journey into the Blue Mountains but rather to settle and set up his smith's shop in a small town in Eriador. At first, it was because Veig swore that he would never again go under a mountain until he could return to his true home of Erebor. However, as the days of exile wore on, he and his wife became accustomed to their stand-alone house, small garden, and blue skies. So it was that when Vidar was born, one year after Thorin had reclaimed his throne under-the-mountain and began the resettling of Erebor, the family raised him not in their ancestral home, but in a small stone house within the borders of ancient Arnor.

Vidar grew up for many years learning the crafts of his father with an eye towards one day taking over his forge but as adulthood came upon him he found himself less and less interested in the finer points of modern smithcraft and increasingly interested in the long-lost secrets of the dwarfs from long ago. He took to the road, venturing out first to perform on-site repairs on the behalf of his father, but soon as a simple wandering smith in his own right. And between each night's rest at a peasant's farm or ranger's camp, he would explore the lands for forgotten tales and artifacts of his ancient people. Later, during his hard-earned public-house nights, he would stay up late to listen for rumors, tales or snippets of riddles leading to lost lore.

Thus his days were filled until the War of the Ring. In those days the land grew dark and Vidar found himself called upon to make use of his ax far more often than his craftsman's tools. During those days he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Men of the North and returned home to hold off a siege of goblins at his father's door. The war brought horrors, but the end of the battles brought hope again. This hope was kindled anew when he heard from a ranger he had befriended that their own Chieften, Aragorn by name, had defeated the armies of the Enemy and reclaimed the Throne of Men. Inspired, curious and somewhat disbelieving, Vidar resolved to make the long trip to Gondor to see this new High King of Men, and to see the great works that both his own people and the Men of old had left behind.


Name: Vidar, Son of Veig
Culture: Dwarf of the Blue Mountain Standard of Living: Prosperous
Cultural Blessing Redoubtable - Dwarfs may reduce their encumberance by their favored heart score.
Calling: Scholor Weakness: Lure of Secrets


Specialties: Old lore, Smoking, Rhymes of Lore
Distinctive Features: Determined, Energetic


Body Heart Wits
7(8) 2(5) 5(7)
Experience Valour Wisdom
0 of 20 2 3

Common Skills

Awe □□□□□□ Inspire □□□□□□ Persuade ■■□□□□ Personality ◈◇◇
Athletics □□□□□□ Travel ■■■□□□ Stealth ■■□□□□ Movement ◈◈◇
Awareness □□□□□□ Insight □□□□□□ Search ■■■□□□ Perception ◈◈◇
Explore ■■■□□□ Healing □□□□□□ Hunting □□□□□□ Survival ◇◇◇
Song ■■■□□□ Courtesy □□□□□□ Riddle □□□□□□ Common ◈◈◇
Craft ■■■□□□ Battle □□□□□□ Lore ■■■□□□ Vocational ◈◈◈

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skill Damage Edge Injury Enc
Walking Axe (Great Axe) ■■■□□□ 9 Gandalf rune.gif 20 4
Hunting Spear ■■□□□□ 5 9 14 2
Dagger ■□□□□□ 3 Gandalf rune.gif 12 0


Damage Parry Armor Endurance Encumbrance
9 (5 Ranged) 5 3d6 15 of 30 11(13)

Rewards & Virtues


  • Harp of the Halls: When making a roll using Song, Courtesy or Inspire, roll Feat die twice and keep the best result. Additionally, gain +1 standing.


  • Deep Songs: If you Heal Corruption with the Song skill, lower (TN-2) for you and any others in the same location. If you are successful, start next adventuring phase with +1 in the fellowship pool.
  • Broken Spells: You learn fragments of the the old spells:
    • Spells of Opening and Shutting: If recited at a door, the door is locked (or unlocked). Does not work on all magically barred doors. Starts working immediately upon being finished.


  • The Song of Rest: A thematic song to be sung while the party is as rest. Pass a TN12 song test for effects.


Fellowship Advancement Points Treasure Standing Hope Shadow
- 8 15(9) 1 (2) 5 of 8 0


Armour Shirt of Mail Enc 12
Headgear None Enc N/A
Shield None Enc N/A
  • Winter Furs: Reduce the encumbrance of winter gear by 1, add +2 to Social TN while wearing.
  • Box of Jewels: Cheap but well-wrought jewels and small jewelry crafted by the dwarfs of the Blue Mountain (10 Treasure)
  • Bag of Painted Coin: A sachel of tin coins coated to look like silver. Nine treasure worth if they were real.
  • Letter for the Blue Mountain: A letter addressed to a dwarf in the blue mountain. Inside a puzzle box.



Name: Stoutheart
Type: Pack Horse (-1 Checks)
Quality: Fearless, (-2 vs. Fear/Startle)
Discription: A barrel-chested chestnut horse with a very dwarvish personality. He and Vidar get along quite well.