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Name: Thomas Daly

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Concept: The Priest
Path: Thrysus
Legacy: Tamer of Rivers
Nationality: Irish American
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 10/2/1983

Place of Birth: San Francisco

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Build:Basketball build, but not as tall
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown


Thomas is slightly taller and leaner than his brother, reflecting his preferred sport over his brother's football blocker physique. His hair is fairly short and he is nearly always clean shaven. Thomas dresses neatly and cleanly, generally preferring the use of collared shirts unless in the most casual of circumstances.


San Francisco de Asis - Mission Dolores.

Early Life and Awakening

Thomas grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco, a second generation Irish American and second son. Both he and his brother Peter served as altar boys at their parish church, Mission San Francisco de Asis, better known as Mission Dolores, where the boys also went to school. He was a good faithful kid, and really, when it was presented to him by his parents, he was happy to take apply for the position. So was Peter, but he only did a couple turns of it before leaving. It made Thomas feel important, so he stuck with it.

He went to St Ignatius College Preparatory and played on the basketball team. Thomas first experienced magic during his junior year of high school. His discovery went hand in hand with his decision to go into the clergy; the question of what to do with his life was answered when he came to discover that he could do what could only be called miraculous things. He didn't seek out his abilities; it doesn't come to him as wizardry or psychic ability; it's an external divine gift. His interest in theology stemmed as much from a questioning of who he was and why he could do these things as it did with his actual religion. Thomas wanted answers, and it was the only place he could look for them. Where else would a good Catholic kid turn to but the scripture? Events like that either strengthen your faith or they destroy it.

First, like many, Thomas had a vision that started him upon the thought that he was the one manipulating things around him. He hit a certain part in his development and the second sight kicked in. Mass itself is full of ritual and symbolism, a rote in hiding. Thomas saw the ebb and flow of power reacting around the act of mass that made him start wondering. After that came causality, the experimental nature of actually trying to cause something rather than hoping or praying that it might. There was no day that Thomas discovered he had magic. There was no day he woke up and found he could part water. In retrospect, he would look back and see the number of times things happened when he was hoping they would, the small miracles and minor blessings that one is thankful for but wouldn't think twice about. There were just too many to be normal and he realized he had caused them. Suddenly, he saw the spirit on the shoulder and the ghost down the hall and began to witness the awakened world.

Simultaneously, Thomas began to see the the Church as a vocation, and he found the priesthood calling and continued to volunteer at Mission Dolores. In a somewhat stereotypical Irish fashion, while Thomas' brother Peter dedicated himself to law enforcement, Thomas dedicated his own life to the Church. Why Father and why not Brother? For what he does, being a monk would be more helpful for what Thomas does and can do. He felt the need to take on a leadership role and a desire to be with people and to help people, and his admiration for the priests who helped shape his life, people who were leaders out in the community. His intention came long before his interactions with Guardian House, the idea that he could wield his magic, or that there were real evils in the world that could be combatted rather than the evils of the heart. If he had known then that he would be fighting demons and vampires and restless spirits, he might've chosen a different path. The priest has sacramental duties and has access and divine authority to the community and he started on that path. When his calling in the church became apparent - when they decided to put him on a path for inquisitorial duty - they encouraged him to stay on that path for those reasons; it complements it better than being a scholarly monk with tomes of spells.

College and Magical Learning

Thomas in Rome.

After graduation from St. Ignatius, he was accepted into the University of San Francisco, which was once part of St. Ignatius. He entered as a psych major before adding a second major in theology his sophomore year. Wanting some independence, Thomas began looking for lodging of his own and answered an ad for a room at Guardian House, where he discovered a motley community of magical and supernatural folk, as well as mages. At this time, the leadership in the church became aware of Thomas' abilities. He didn't know what to do and needed guidance, so he finally confessed to his parish priest and was referred to Monsignor Woodberry, who was visiting at the time. Woodberry was secretly an inquisitorial member and was, well, hunting. Unofficially, he gives guest lectures at seminaries and has his normal set of duties up and down the coast. Officially, and openly, he investigates possible miracles, as the Church takes them very seriously and tends to disprove nearly all supposed miracles - so if anyone were to talk to the boy about it, Woodberry would be the man. He saw a pattern in his stories and knows about the supernatural world. He's seen it all already and could point him in the right directions. One direction was to stay at Guardian House, which could offer Thomas both protection and tutelage.

In light of his rare abilities, Thomas was quickly and quietly ushered into the deaconate, giving him access to training and resources and enabling him to participate in and give minor sacraments. Though there are many in the Church, such as famed exorcist Gabriele Amroth, who view all magic as a path to the devil, the Catholic Church officially recognizes spiritual gifts of mystics, often called charismata, including visions and the power to heal (among other miracles), and takes a pragmatic stance to Folk Catholicism traditions like those in West Africa, Latin America or Ireland, which often include magic. Coming from an Irish family, Thomas could find parallels between his experiences and those of priests in Irish folk stories, even so far as to own his own keg of endless Guinness as a gift from an enterprising leprechaun. Although the Bible forbids witchcraft, it is vague on spell casting; the Old Testament only expressly forbids divination and necromancy. After investigation of faith, Monsignor Woodberry welcomed Thomas into the rarely discussed and rarely known fold of holy magic. Most of his everyday magical learning comes via texts from Monsignor. The Monsignor himself is not a mage, but has access to the books on liturgical magic and can put Thomas in contact with other mages who can offer suggestions, guidance. There is, of course, resources on magical theory within Guardian House itself which is a huge boon for Thomas. He learns from a hodgepodge of sources.

After graduating from USF with a double major in theology and psychology, including summer session abroad in Rome. Untold to his family, Thomas was "suggested" to attend training classes at the Vatican, including those required for the International Order of Exorcists, a modern and reformed network of what was once considered an independent office with it's own holy orders. He continued to volunteer at Mission Dolores, largely working with youth outreach in the Mission District. Thomas went on to the Franciscan Theological Seminary in Berkeley, a member of the Graduate Theological Union, a multi-faith/inter-faith network that lets students take classes from other schools across the Bay Area. On his breaks and vacations, Thomas found the Church was starting to send him assignments in the area when they needed a mage or someone to trust with moving a magical artifact from one location to another. It became perfectly clear which department the church wanted him to work in, and he didn't have any argument with it - it was his calling. Thomas graduated with a Masters in Divinity in 2010.

Relationship with Julia Valentine

Thomas and Julia.

Among all the assorted housemates and guardians in Guardian House, the one who has had the most lasting and drastic influence on Thomas is Julia Valentine. Thomas first met Julia as a student badly need of tutoring for his Latin classes. At first he was oblivious to her flirtations, and she remarked to him that she was surprised that he was actually serious about getting tutored in Latin and was unfazed by her nascent come-ons, unlike most of the boys who sought her help. Thomas explained that he was on a path to the priesthood, and Julia agreed to tutor him. When he answered the ad at Guardian House, Thomas was surprised to find Julia there.

After learning the nature of Guardian House and its residents, Thomas began to try to figure out what sort of being Julia was. Originally, with her beauty and inherently sexual nature, he felt she might be some sort of nymph, but after doing some digging, realized her true nature as a succubus. Thomas confronted Julia about it, and in a moment of honesty, the demon confessed and told him her secret name and personal history and revealed she was searching for her mortal father. Surprising himself, Thomas accepted it, and they continued on.

Over time, the two developed into fast friends, though Julia would often flirt more closely with him and moments of sexual tension emerged. Still, Thomas found that Julia was often more honest with him than with others, wished him no harm, and he listened to her secrets as a best friend would. To keep away from suspicion by the elders in the house, and to keep their conversations private, Julia would often slip through his window to visit him at night, and the gargoyle Rocky promised to keep quiet about it as he saw there was no wrongdoing. Thomas began to suspect that there was some good in Julia, perhaps a piece of a soul from her mortal father, and that she might be able to find some sort of salvation.

One night, Julia was attacked by a man she had been tempting. Unknowable to her at the time, the vice that he gave into unleashed an intense violent streak that was too much for the young demon to handle. Thomas woke up late after hearing noise in his adjoining room. He got out of bed to see her in her true form, beaten and bruised and crying as she stumbled through his window and knocked over some books. Thomas comforted Julia, but was afraid to touch her lest he fall into his own temptations, though she was too shaken for him to consider leaving her alone. He tucked her into his own bed and took up residency in an armchair. Although unaware of his own emotions at the time, Thomas had started growing deeper feelings for his friend.

As his studies intensified and Julia increased her search for her father, Thomas spent less time with Julia. Julia's investigations took her away from the house for longer and longer periods of time, and what she found changed her to give up on her humanity, turning her from a temptress to an active dealer of harm. When she did return, Thomas was forced to watch her slow degeneration and embrace of evil ways. In his prideful hubris, Thomas felt that something had to be done and turned from his belief that she could be saved to believing that he would be the one to save her. Seeing greater attention from him, Julia turned her attentions on Thomas. Though he felt strong, his hubris had made him weak, and Julia seized the opportunity to seduce Thomas, repeatedly wearing down his willpower. This collapsed Thomas' self-inflated efforts to save her. Broken, his pride sought vengeance and he resolved to do what was commanded of him as a holy mage. He drew on his personal reserve of magic and exorcised Julia, banishing the succubus to Hell in a quick and vulgar blow.

The source of the exorcism, really, was fear. That's why it's his fault - Thomas acted aggressively and rashly out of fear of what she was doing rather then trusting himself to be strong enough or accepting his weakness if he wasn't.

After Thomas was able to calm down and process the acts both he and Julia committed, he came to the realization that he had been horribly, horribly wrong. Thomas had played God with her shred of a mortal soul and condemned someone he loved to eternal fire and damnation, a sin he would never forgive himself for, and became tormented over what to do. Thomas turned to his priest and confessor at Mission Dolores, and, not knowing what to really tell the young mage, the priest recommended Thomas pray for guidance. Thomas prayed for forgiveness and asked what to do. In vision or inspiration, Thomas believed that he would need to bring Julia back from hell, and resolved to summon her out. Unfortunately, Thomas rushed into his first attempt, which fizzled out. Thomas believed that he might not have been powerful enough to do the ritual and began researching ways to get it right. The new motivation carried him through the end of the semester, and Thomas received Holy Orders with a determined and freed conscience.

[Summoning history TBD with other party members]


After the summoning, Thomas sought privacy to talk with Julia, who was emotionally crushed and sobbing from her ordeal and the fact that Thomas would ever think of forgiving her and try to bring her back. Each confessed their crimes against the other and they forgave each other. Thomas was still hesitant and unsure of whether Julia would have any soul to save, and explained that he had brought her back for her human side, not for the demon in her. Julia expressed amazement and explained that the guilt she felt in Hell was intensified because, not only was it a place without the love of God, it was a place without Thomas'; she had discovered what love was by loosing it, and she confessed her love for him. Though this opened up a can of worms for him, the doubting Thomas was given the proof to counter his fears about Julia's nature, as a truly evil sprit would be unable to know or understand love. Because it felt right, Thomas told Julia that he loved her as well. Although uncertain of where they stood or what to do about anything, the two resolved to support each other and figure life out together.

Current Activities


Mom, Dad, Peter

The Daly family ties its origins to County Kerry, Ireland, and Thomas still has family there on his mother NAME's side. An uncle and aunt live in Tralee, the county town of County Kerry, and run a pub named Daly's Bar. Thomas and Peter have several cousins who live in either Tralee or nearby in the larger town of Killarny. While the boys were still in high school, the family took off during Thomas and Peter's summer vacation to visit the family in Ireland. This was Thomas and Peter's first visit to the Old Country. They would later return as adults - a trip that saw Thomas' skills put to use - and are on good terms with their cousins.

Relationship With Peter Daly


Thomas prays for guidance after exorcising Julia.

  • Language: Spanish ■■

"Hola! Soy Tomás. ¿Has visto a mi hermano, Pedro Daly?

  • Language: Latin ■

"Pater noster, qui es in caelis: sanctificetur Nomen Tuum.."

  • Hallow ■■

Guardian House

  • Library

Between Guardian House and a library card at the Vatican, Thomas has access to some good books.

  • Status ■■

Clerical Standing; Roman Catholic Church

  • Contacts ■

Various Street Contacts- via outreach programs

  • Resources ■

Scholarship and stipend from the chruch.

  • Allies ■■■

Archbishop Niederauer, Monsignor Michael Woodberry

  • Meditative Mind ■

Prayer does much to ease worried minds.

Attributes and Traits


Intelligence ■■□□□   Wits ■■□□□   Resolve ■■■□□
Strength ■■□□□   Dexterity ■■□□□   Stamina ■■□□□
Presence ■■■□□   Manipulation ■■□□□   Composure ■■■■□

Derived Traits

  • Size 5
  • Speed 9
  • Defense 2
  • Armor
  • Initiative Mod 6

Other Traits

  • Health 7
  • Willpower 7
  • Gnosis 2
  • Wisdom 7
  • Starting Mana 7
  • Max Mana 11
  • Mana per Turn 2

Mage Abilities

Thomas improvises and attempts spell using a fire poker and his knowledge of Harry Potter.

Magical Style

Theological Arcana

Dedicated Magical Tool

Rosary, Cross


  • Life ■■□□□
  • Matter ■■□□□
  • Spirit ■■■□□


Life Rotes

  • Cleanse the Body

(Initiate) Come on, Thomas, sober up now. Damn that Guinness.

  • Body Control

(Apprentice) Time to calm down. Deep easy breaths. Steady heart rate. Much better.

  • Control Base Life

(Apprentice) Shoo, fly.

  • Heal Flora and Fauna

(Apprentice) A gift from Saint Francis to all his flower children.

  • Purify Bodies

(Apprentice) Time for you to sober up now. Damn that Guinness.

  • Self Healing

(Apprentice) Ow. Ow. Ow. Oh, wait, it's only a paper cut!

  • Self Purging

(Apprentice) Must not get sick. It's finals week, damn it.

Matter Rotes

  • Shape Liquid

(Apprentice) Parting of the Bathtub Sea?

  • Transmute Water

(Apprentice) I turn this water into Funk!

Spirit Rotes"'

  • Exorcist's Eye

(Initiate) Who's that in there with you?

  • Second Sight

(Initiate) I was blind. But now...

  • Ephemeral Shield


  • Peer Across the Gauntlet


  • Exorcism

(Disciple) Retro vade Satana!


Thomas prepares.


  • Academics ■■■■□
    • Religion ■■■■■
  • Computer ■□□□□
  • Investigation ■□□□□
  • Occult ■■■□□
    • Magic ■■■■□


  • Athletics ■■■□□
  • Survival ■□□□□


  • Empathy ■■■■□
  • Expression ■■■□□
  • Persuasion ■■■□□
    • Oratory ■■■■□
  • Socialize ■□□□□
  • Streetwise ■□□□□
  • Subterfuge ■□□□□