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Golden Sky Stories
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Existance / Form

Snapshot of Miyako at Misuzu Farm

Name: Miyako
True Form: Horse
Age: 3 / 17
Gender: Female

Human Form

In human form, Miyako stands at 160 cm (5'3") and stronger than she looks, though it can be hard to tell under the baggier work clothes she tends to favor. Her hair is the same dark-brown-essentially-black that her mane is in horse form and long enough to reach past her waist, which she keeps back in a long ponytail. She is often carrying a bag or backpack with her to hold snacks, lunches, or other material for the group's adventures.

Hybrid Form

Miyako's tail is the same color as the rest of her hair and, to someone who is not particularly paying attention, can be mistaken for her just having calf-length hair that flows oddly and occasionally twitches on its own. When her ears revert, they are slightly more of true brown color, and her hairstyle shifts to covering where her human ears would be.

Horse Form

Miyako stands about 100 cm (3'3") to the shoulder with very dark coloring for her breed, including a nearly black mane and tail.


Henge 1   Animal 3   Adult 3   Child 1


  • Herd: You have a particularly strong herd instinct, and you never know what to do when you’re by yourself. You can’t act separately from someone else. You have to always be with someone.
  • Eats Like a Horse: You have a really phenomenal appetite. If there’s food in front of you, you have to stop and eat until you’re full or the food is all gone, even you have other things to do.


Horse Powers

Miyako (Tokara Horse).png
  • Special Talent: Woodworking (0): There’s some special thing that you have a natural talent for, woodworking. Whenever you make a check relating to that thing to woodworking your attribute increases by 1.
  • Friendship (0): You have a certain charm that makes others like you. The cost in Dreams for others to strengthen a connection to a horse is reduced by 1.
  • Work Together (1+): You can back up your friends when they try to do something. When you use this power, you add the amount of Wonder you spend to their attribute for a check. You can only use this power with someone you have a connection with a strength of 2 or higher to, and you can’t use it for Impression Checks.
  • Comfort (6): By nuzzling someone’s face and such, you can make them feel better. This lets you cheer them up after they’ve been Surprised, lost a quarrel, or otherwise had something get them down.
  • Pony Express(6): You’re fast enough to get anywhere in town in a short amount of time. By using this power you can get to anywhere in town by the end of the scene or before the beginning of the next scene. You can carry one or two others with you when you do this, though only if they’re willing.
  • Way Home (12): Your unerring sense of direction lets you take someone you have a connection with home. You race like the wind and arrive there safely regardless of what’s between you and your destination. However, if you use this power to leave the town, you’ll have to use it again to get back.

Additional Powers

  • From the Horse's Mouth (6): Your honest character means that those who know you will trust what you say, however unlikely it might seem. When you use this power, people will believe you are telling the truth about something
    • From Herd weakness
  • Strong as a Horse(8): You’re particularly strong and good at manual labor. Using this power lets you complete a manual labor type task in half the usual amount of time.
    • From Eats Like a Horse weakness


Memories: 41