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Stargate: Phoenix
Dungeon Master
Level/Mission Points
26 Mission Points
Exploration Team
Lt. Bong Ha, USAF
Lt. Dawn Martinez
Hermogenes of Argos
House Rules

Unusual among his people, Hermogenes has always been fascinated with stories and writing. As he grew older, instead of enjoying just enjoying the fruits provided by their environment, he tried to gather stories and pass them along to later generations in the hope to start to preserve the knowledge and thoughts of his people. The arrival of the Tau'ri changed everything.

In the aftermath of gaining their freedom, he spent the first five years exploring the area beyond the old city borders and helping his people through the transition to a long-lived society. Once things began to settle down more and stabilize, Hermogenes found himself longing to see the new people and places that the Tau'ri would tell stories of. To expand his knowledge, he requested that he be allowed to join with them at Phoenix Base.


Hermogenes of Argos is, technically, an elder of the surviving people of Argos, having been over 80 days old when SG1 discovered the aging nanovirus and disabled the signal emitter. Like all the other people on the planet, once the virus was no longer artificially aging his system, his body reverted back to just past adulthood.

Character Sheet

Str 8 -1
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 14 +2
Wis 16 +3
Cha 17 +2

Proficiency: +3
Hit Points 38
Determination Points 4
Armor Class 10 (16) / Speed: 7m
Initiative (Wis/Dex) +3
Moxie (Int/Cha) +2
Mission Points - 0 of 20.
Level - 4


  • Armor: Light
  • Weapons: Common Weapons, Sidearms
  • Tools: Med Kit, Translator, Pan-Cultural Wardrobe
  • Saving Throw: Wisdom & Charisma

Skill Proficiencies

  • Investigation (Int)
  • Performance (Chr)
  • Culture (Wis)
  • Deception (Chr)
  • Insight (Wis)
  • Perception (Wis)
  • Persuasion* (Chr)


  • English
  • Greek
  • Go'auld
  • Jaffa
  • -

Recovery - When recovering HP due to a short rest, you regain +TD HP
Galactic seed - Advantage on Persuasion and Deception on first contact.
Teacher - Once per session, make a Wisdom Save in place of another save.
Grassland - +1 Con. +1m base speed. (Included)
Inspire (SR Event): Provide all team members 1d8 temporary HP during a long or short rest.
Peptalk (Action): Restore 1d4 determination points to each team member (including self). 1/mission.
Word in an Ear (Action): Give an inspire die of bonus HP to one team member with no inspire HP within 1m. 1/person/LR.
Force of Will (Modifier): You may use Inspire during short or long rests.
Diplomatic Expertise: Double proficiency bonus with Persuasion.
Ability Score Improvement: Charasma (included above)
Calm and Collected: During a Long Rest, choose Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. Inspired characters gain an advantage on the chosen saving throw until long rest.
Clear Focus: During a long rest, choose a skill in which you are proficient. Inspired characters gain Advantage on the chosen skill until your next long rest.
Enduring Inspirations: At the beginning of combat (rolling initiative), each inspire character gains a number of Inspire HP equal to a tension die roll, up to a maximum of the inspire die (8).
Attack Specialist (Basic): Double damage dice when using sidearms.


  • Tactical Vest & Uniforms
  • MREs (Mission Duration)
  • Combat Knife
    • Xiphos (Blade)
  • Personal Tactical Radio
  • Translater (on tablet)
  • Flashlight
  • Water Purifier
  • Filtration/Radiation Mask
  • Multi-tool
  • Personal Medical Kit
  • Extended Climate Protection Clothing
  • Combat Tent
  • Beretta M9 with Laser; 2 Magazines

<Bulk 7/7>

  • Grenades
    • 1 Fragmentation
    • 1 Smoke
    • 1 Flash-Bang
  • Pan-Cultural Wardrobe
  • Personal Tablet
  • 2x S.I. Care Package
    • (Scavanged Equivalent)

<At Base>

  • Discus, Javalin
  • Wax Tablet
  • Resarch Materials
    • Anchent Terran Epics
    • Modern Terran Classics

Game Log