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D&D: Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Level 8
Ajasz, lizardfolk scout
Arkis "Elric", kobold paladin of Tiamat
Chimalli, tortle barbarian
Elora, elven bladesinger
Ayida Ginen, half-elf undying warlock
Sond, halfling barbarian
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Saltmarsh Region
The Town of Saltmarsh
Saltmarsh Region
Saltmarsh NPCs
House Rules

Saltmarsh Council

These five members are key players in the town and will often be the source of missions. They will be revealed and noted as they are met.

Traditionalist Faction

The traditionalist faction is an alliance of the prominent fishing families and merchants in town, along with the workers who rely on those industries for a living. The traditionalists remember the terrible times during the Sea Princes’ raids and have no desire to see activity that goads or entices them to raid again. The smugglers who operate in the area tend to be traditionalists. Most pose as merchants and rely on their local contacts to move goods through the region without interference from the town guard or larger city-state agents. Smuggling has long been an easy way to make money in Saltmarsh, and locals generally look the other way, seeing it as a victimless crime.

The traditionalists would like to see the dwarves’ mining efforts fail and interest from the Sword Coast cities wane, so that Saltmarsh’s dependable fishing trade can thrive and the smugglers in the area are left alone. They resent the intrusion of outsiders seeking to transform Saltmarsh and undoubtedly drain power from the fishing families to give to dwarves and merchants.

This faction relies on two council members for representation. Eda Oweland leads the faction and can count on Gellan Primewater to back her up. Anders Solmor is young and unpredictable, but he has supported the traditionalists’ viewpoint on most issues.

At their best, traditionalists are community-minded folk who want Saltmarsh to return to its old way of doing things, arguing that the town has survived for a century by sticking to its original priorities. They suffered mightily due to the Sea Princes’ depredations and remember the days when the other city-states turned a blind eye to their troubles. Their loyalty to the Sword Coast is second to their desire for peace and quiet.

Eda Oweland

Eda is the current senior member of the town council, as well as the owner of three large fishing boats. She has lived in Saltmarsh all her life and has been elected to the council three times. She is a gruff, pragmatic woman whose graying hair is cut short and whose face bears the marks of a life lived outdoors. Eda is keenly interested in expanding Saltmarsh’s fishing industry, her sights set on a wild section of the coast where she hopes to build a new dock. She is suspicious of the dwarves’ mining enterprise and doubts it will amount to much.

Gellan Primewater

Gellan is a well-spoken, dapper older gentleman with a neatly trimmed beard and a fancy wardrobe. With his cunning instincts, he has positioned his family to become the most prominent merchants in town. Because Gellan is the wealthiest man in town, he garners a great deal of popular support from the many feasts, entertainments, and other diversions he supports with expenditures and donations. He pretends to care little for the daily functions of the council, defaulting to throw his support behind Eda’s position.

Anders Solmor

Young Anders recently inherited his family’s fleet of fishing boats after the untimely death of his mother, Petra. He’s the youngest person ever to be elected to the council. Brash and inexperienced, Anders is a slight man with sharp features and a toothy smile. His recent forays into trade have made him a local celebrity. Since Anders owns both a fishing fleet and several trading vessels, he can sell his catch at a highly competitive price. And he can offer better prices for the other fishers in town to sell to him, since his catch brings in so much more profit.

Everyone involved in the town’s fishing industry supports Anders, and his energy and ambition have made him something of a folk hero on the docks. On the other hand, his open opposition to smuggling and his hatred of the Sea Princes’ practice of slavery makes him a thorn in the smugglers’ side.

Sword Coast "Coasters" Faction

The Sword Coast faction members (or "Coasters" as they're called) consist of newcomers who arrived from the northern reaches of Sword Coast. Some arrived prior to the War of the Dragon, and many are refugees of that war. They feel that the town should focus on becoming a useful asset to the broader Sword Coast community. The town guard, the dwarves, and the local farmers are generally Coasters.

The Coasters care about security. They want to keep Saltmarsh’s enemies at bay while ensuring law and order. They see smuggling as a key problem, as it enriches the Sea Princes at the cost of the town treasury and the efforts of honest merchants.

Above all else, the members of this faction put their faith in law. They exert influence through the town guard, though they remain within their legal authority.

At their best, the Coasters want to grow Saltmarsh into a trading hub with a higher standard of living and improved security. If the Sea Princes are held in check and the sea lanes cleared of threats, Saltmarsh can grow to become the envy of the world.

At their worst, the Coasters see the people of Saltmarsh as a barrier to growth. The locals are little more than allies of the Sea Princes, traitors who for too long have evaded the Sword Coast city-states' notice. If they were to do as the Coasters tell them, then perhaps this fish-reeking pile of a town could become something respectable.

Eliander Fireborn

Eliander fought in the army of Waterdeep, where he earned a name driving the wild things of the Sword Coast away from the settled lands. Eliander suffered a tremendous injury to his leg in a battle against an owlbear and now walks upon a finely carved wooden peg. Despite his injury and advancing age, the burly captain of the Saltmarsh town guard remains an imposing figure. Eliander is a local celebrity thanks to his facility with languages, and he is often called upon by the town’s various organizations to assist with translations. He is fully literate in Common, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Elvish, and Halfling; he can also speak and understand Orc and Draconic.

In a crisis, Eliander Fireborn might put the good of the Waterdeep above local rule. With his personal popularity and the loyalty of the town guard, he could seize authority over the town in case of an emergency. He is loath to use it, as the locals would react poorly to his seizure of power with an open revolt.

Manistrad Copperlocks

The leader of the newly established mining operation in Saltmarsh is an iron-willed dwarven woman named Manistrad . She runs the mining outfit from a small office near the edge of town. Manistrad is a competent leader, as well as a savvy miner with a knack for pulling off impossible jobs. She’s convinced that the veins of silver found in the cliffs near Saltmarsh are indicative of more valuable stones deeper in the rock. She was once a fearsome warrior, and she’s not above delivering a few well-placed blows to ensure her orders are followed.

Manistrad occupies an awkward place on the council. She was placed in her position by town politics. Certain town leader decided that if Saltmarsh is to support a mining operation, the miners would need a political voice - or else they would simply set up their own dock and the town would lose out on the trade and taxes. A more diplomatic figure might have smoothed over the tension, but Manistrad has little patience and sees the rest of the council, save for Eliander, as rustic dullards.

Saltmarsh Townsfolk

Employers, friends, rivals, merchants, ne'er-do-wells will be listed here as they are met.

Flint Granitehome

Flint, male dwarf, arrived at Saltmarsh drawn by the news that dwarves had set up extensive mining next to the city. He had hoped that the dwarves were planning on building a proper dwarven hold and that he, an architect, could help design beautiful structures and living spaces worthy a dwarven hold. Unfortunately, he's found that Manistrad Copperlocks, leader of the mining operation, is only interested in mining and that the temporary camp currently set up is "good enough". He's had very little luck in moving her opinion on that.

He's drifted into town to see if any of the richer merchants could use his services as he is a solid architect with 70 years of experience in designing structures both above and below-ground. He heard about the party members and, for the price of a few drinks, was willing to make the trip over to the haunted manor to have a look. As an outsider, he didn't buy into the 'haunted' reputation. He has cited a price for the party to renovate and redecorate the manor back to a level he feels would befit a structure.

Captain Xendros

A tiefling ship captain and trader who stops into Saltmarsh on roughly a one to two-week basis. She acts primarily as a purveyor of Magical Items, running both regular stock and commissioned items.

Mere of Dead Men

There are denizens of the Mere of Dead Men that the party will likely meet.


A pseudodragon in the service of a lizardfolk shaman, Ting-ting was accompanying some lizardfolk working for the smuggler pirates working out of the Haunted Mansion. He was able to tell them that they were only there to pick up weapons from the pirates, but had to work with them for a while to earn the weapons. The party let him go along with 3 other lizardfolk who took the weapons back to their tribe to fight an unnamed enemy.

Darkscale Lizardfolk Tribe

One of numerous lizardfolk tribes living in the Mere of Dead Men. The PCs encountered three of their members who were sent to purchase weapons from the smuggler-pirates operating out of the Haunted Mansion. The PCs let them go with their weapons. They warned Ajasz that 'ancient enemies' of the lizardfolk were moving on the swamp to take it over and invited him to join their tribe to resist.

Sea of Swords

Ship captains, pirates, and others met on the high seas or along the Sword Coast will be noted here.


Sanbalet (human male) was the leader of a band pirates using the Haunted Mansion as a base of operations. He was partnered with a captain of the Sea Ghost, a ship stolen from Saltmarsh and being used for pirate operations. He kept the mansion 'haunted' by using his magic to cause shrieks and screams as well as fear-based effects to scare off most people from the house. He uses the secret caves underneath to hide the ship when it comes into during high tide days.

He is a wizard of some skill and a skilled sailor. He was captured by the PCs during their initial visit to the Haunted Mansion.

Sanbalet was later executed for his crimes as a smuggler and pirate by the party.

Ned Shakeshaft

Ned (human male) was captured in the employ of Sanbalet and his band of pirate-smugglers operating out of the Haunted Mansion down the coast from Saltmarsh. He was both an enforcer and lookout whose job it was to keep the other pirates in line as well as 'discourage' visitors from sticking around. He was generally successful until the PCs visited the mansion.

During the fight with the PCs, he surrendered when he saw that he was outclassed. His employer, Sanbalet, was willing to kill him to keep him from speaking and shot him with magic missiles. Unfortunately for Sanbalet, the party was equipped with Spare the Dying and managed to keep him alive. He has become a cooperative captive and willing to go to prison if the party keeps him alive.

The party has presently agreed to use his services and he was of use in ambushing the pirates operating The Sea Ghost. He is the only remaining member of the smuggler gang who knows about the mansion's hidden cellar and cave system.


Oceanus (male sea elf) is a member of the tribe of Manaan, which inhabits an undersea settlement about twenty miles southeast of Saltmarsh. He was stripped of his weapons and armor when imprisoned, but though bruised and hungry, he has suffered no great injury and his spirit is undaunted.

His tribe has noted, from a distance, the periodic travels of the Sea Ghost at night along a supposedly deserted coastal area. Suspicious of this behavior, the tribal chief ordered Oceanus to keep watch on this area, slip aboard when the ship arrived, and follow the ship back to its port of origin to discover what he could of these strange proceedings. This Oceanus did, and at the vessel’s home port he witnessed the stowing aboard of a small arsenal of weaponry. He was then discovered, knocked out, and taken prisoner. He awakened some time later, chained to the ship’s hull in this compartment.

The PCs freed him and he has offered his services as a guide to the seas in the vicinity of Saltmarsh, as he is quite familiar with them. However, he speaks only elvish and aquan, which limits who he can communicate with.

Pirate Crew of The Sea Ghost

The former pirates who crewed the Sea Ghost:

  • Captain Sigurt "Snake Eyes", a former legitimate trader who discovered piracy allowed you to not pay for goods before selling them; killed
  • First Mate Bloody Bjorn, missing when the ambush of the Sea Ghost happened
  • Bo'sun Foul Frithoff, former owner of Cuppa the Parrot; killed
  • Punketah, a pirate wizard; killed
  • 10 pirate sailors of little note; all killed but one
  • 3 lizardfolk (see above); released
  • 2 hobgoblin mercenaries; released


An escaped slave of the Neogi, Kadre (Male Skum Sorcerer) has been seeking out a way to free his brothers from the magical bondage of their masters. His research eventually lead him to learn of the "Manacles of Freedom" which had been discovered by the Paladin Hasken in his travels.

Along the Coast

Interesting citizens who live up and down the coast from Saltmarsh, but within the immediate region of the town.

Sionaas (Windswept Wall)

Sionaas is an older tiefling wizard and diviner who is building a tower at the base of the Windswept wall (about 10 miles north of Saltmarsh). His arcane laboratory is being constructed out of select blocks from the magic-infused stone, while most of the rest is simply built to quality standards. He is attended by a young redhead page and a slightly overweight cook (though he is currently more occupied with the worker camp). About a dozen laborers work at the windswept wall, camping with some built-up protection from the wind. They spend the days manually digging deeply into the Windswept Wall itself. It's slow hard work, but Sionaas pays well. Most of his laborers only work for a couple of weeks before heading back with a little extra drinking money.

While he once did adventuring a few times when he was younger, Sionaas has retired to a life of rituals and research. He funds a lot of work with contract enhancements for the enchantment merchant Captain Xantos. Ayida & Elona both got the impression that there is more about his dig than he lets on. He maintains quite a stock of trinkets and minor magical items either from his adventures, his experiments, or castoffs for his commissions with Captain Xantos.

Personalities of Haskenport

  • Capt. Rastel Lynch (Male Human) is the town watchmaster and one of the village leaders. He is a retired soldier and veteran of the Dragon War. His deputy, Tam Durgan (Female Half-orc) typically watches the Port.
  • Ana Merkle (Female Human) is the Inn Keeper for The Lodging House and one of the village leaders.
  • Valeri Bettencourt (Male Half-Elf) is the parish priest of St. Cuthbert and a town leader. He serves as the local Cleric for the town, as well as a historian for their founder.

Across the Great Road

Interesting citizens who live near or across the great north-south road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter.

Halatuo Earthcatcher

A particularly large and burly Goliath, Halatuo is a hermit and self-proclaimed "Keeper of the Wild Places". He keeps to the rugged mountaintops by the town of Lailan, mostly avoiding both the civilized peoples and the raiding tribes of the region. He is known to be a divine caster of some ability.


A wyrmling red dragon who unknowingly moved into the decrepid crypt of the vampire wizard Elizar. Evicted from the crypt by the characters, he gathered his hoard and moved along.

The Song of Maos

In the Moonshae Islands, there is a sunken island that comes to the surface once every four years. The Brightsong family is responsible for entering a prison for an ancient creature who has a prophecy to destroy and consume the world. However, if the appropriate song is sung, the prison's wards are renewed for four years. The party encountered the last surviving member of the Brightsong family.

Will Brightsong

The last scion of a family tasked to carry out the song that renews the ward. However, he is a drunkard and coward who wants nothing to do with his family legacy. The party escorted him into the Shadow Realm to fulfill his duty and have convinced him to adopt an heir so that the tradition may continue. He was later dropped off in Waterdeep with Typhis, his guardian.


An aging water genasi monk whose family is sworn to protect the Brightsong family in order for them to continue to fulfill their destiny