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Fallout: Denver
Archibald Fitzwilliam Kingsland (Jason)
The Doctor (Adam)
Eugene (Ben)
Odibee Jones (Mark)
Roland Bell (Tim)
The Vault Dweller (Lisa)
The Game
Character Level: 1
March 20, 2278

Medical Specialist, Companion and floating robot for the Fallout: Denver game.

In the years leading up to the war the RobCo, in association with the US government and the World Health Organization, developed a new variant of robot based on their successful Mister Orderly series, it's self a derivative of the wildly successful MisterHandy series. Instead of being programmed to aid existing human doctors, like the Orderlies or Nurses, these new robots would be programmed with advanced medical knowledge and the confidence to diagnose medical issues and perform treatments on their own. Independent and demonstrating high effectiveness in both treatment and improvisation, the models were considered an exceptional success.

In a bid to help counter the increasing influence of the Chinese over the rich mineral resources of Africa, these "W.H.O" Model robots were intended to be deployed as part of a great "hearts and minds" campaign to demonstrate the power and advanced technologies available to the West and, by extension, why these African nations and people should work with the United States, and not China. The plan was to position a small medical depot with supplies and two to three W.H.O. model robots, who would then travel to all of the villages and work centers in the coverage area providing humanitarian medical services as well as being in a position to respond to emergency situations. Safety precautions, such as the removal of individual ownership protocols, the ability to refuse aid, and the requirement to charge "militants" for services were added in a bid to keep the units from being stolen out of the field. Initial trials were a success, and the World Health Organization was looking forward to full deployment. Unfortunately, the bombs fell before that dream could be realized.

Personal History

Doctor Handy.png

The Doctor was one such W.H.O. model fresh out of the pilot factory in Denver. All crated up, he was on his way out of town to be matched up with his fellow robots and the rest of the medical supply depot when the bombs fell. While spared the atomic oblivion, the truck that had been transporting him careened off the road and was buried in a ditch, the head-on impact destroying the truck but protecting the lucky robot. Nearly two hundred years later the crate was pulled from the wreckage by members of a merchant caravan who moved to salvage the crate which had been revealed after the overgrowth burned away in a wildfire. Assembled and brought online by one of their members, Odibee Jones, the Doctor has been following the group around ever since.


The Doctor is a specialized MisterHandy that follows the same basic physical shape, including the three eyes, three arms, and central hoverjet. Like the Mister Orderly series, the standard silver factory plate has been replaced by a clinical-grade white plate. The Doctor additionally has two large red crosses and a W.H.O. Logo (with the acronym) printed on his body, with one symbol between each set of eyestalks.


4 6 4 4 8 7 7


Skill Ability Rank Tag? Notes
Athletics Str. 2
Barter Cha. 1
Big Guns End. 0
E. Weapons Per. 3
Explosives Per. 0
Lockpick Per. 2
Medicine Int. 3
M. Weapons Str. 0
Pilot Per. 0
Repair Int. 1
Science Int. 3
Small Guns Cha. 0
Sneak Agi. 2
Speech Cha. 2
Survival End. 2
Throwing Agi. 1
Unarmed Str. 2

Background & Perks

  • Multieyed: Reduce perception difficulties by 1
  • Mechanical: Immune to Poison & Radiation, Cannot benefit from Food, Drink, Chems, Sleep or Medicine. Repair to heal.
  • Thrusters: Hover Movement, Maximum carry is 150lb.
  • Medic: When you use the first aid action to try and treat an injury, you can re-roll 1d20.



  • Pincer Arm: Manipulator (40lb), Unarmed Damage 2.
  • Laser Cutter: Energy Weapon; Damage 4, Pierce 1, Energy, Rate 2, Range C, CQC, Weight 4
  • Pincer Arm: Manipulator (40lb), Unarmed Damage 2.
  • Standard Plate: Factory Plating; Phyical 2 (All)
  • Diagnostic Module: Reduce the difficulty of Medicine tests by 1 (min 0)


First Aid Kit.png
  • First Aid Kit: Heal +2hp with the First Aid action.


  • Fusion Cell: 13 charges
  • Stimpak: Heals 4hp. (Instant)
  • Mentats Re-Roll 1d20 on INT and PER tests (Lasting)
  • Caps: 65