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Star Wars: The Unknown Regions
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Sarad Kryze is an athletic but quite unlucky Mandalorian Archeologist. Deprived by the empire of any record of higher education, Sarad was forced into the life of an underworld Tomb Raider. After his last group dissolved dramatically, he has joined the expedition in hope of finding both more stable and meaningful work.


Sarad Kryze was born in Sundari to idealistic parents deep in the New Mandalorian movement. Shunning violence, they instead instilled in him a love of knowledge and the promise of education. They dreamed of great opportunities for their child in the new, peaceful world. That peace broke down before young Sarad was out of elementary school. A new Mandalorian civil war, corresponding to and manipulated by the great galactic powers of the Republic, the Separatists, the Jedi, and the Sith, boiled over into fighting on the streets while he was just a boy. The leadership of the world, prime minister and mand’alore both, changed a half-dozen times during his childhood before finally settling on a pro-imperial warlord whose ideals were far closer to the old ways then the new dream Sarad’s parents had.

When the new galactic order bothers to consider the world, all the Empire saw in Mandalore was a prime recruiting and training ground for its elite stormtroopers. Sarad’s parents had no intention of letting their boy become a soldier, and Sarad himself was not particularly keen on the idea, nor on being pushed around by them afterword. Seeking an escape, he instead sent applications and letters into dozens of core worlds and finally fled the planet with undergraduate admission into the University of Alderaan.

University of Aldaraan

On Alderaan, Sarad found a passionate university culture that he meshed well with, and he threw himself into his studies with abandon. Strong survey courses and an inspiring professor reignited Sarad’s childhood interest in the galaxy’s ancient past, leading him to move into the humanities, which later refined into the study of archeology. Thanks to Aldaraan's focus on fieldwork-based education, Sarad spent his capstone year working at actual archeological sites across the Empire.

One of these internship opportunities leads him to the excavation of the Jedi temple on Alaris Prime, where he worked under the direction Veris Hydan, a scholar of Jedi and sith history and adviser to Emperor Palpatine. Unbeknownst to Sarad at the time, his knowledge and skill had impressed the influential minister. Thus, as he approached graduation and considered his next move, the Mandalorian unexpectedly received a letter containing a remarkable offer - the newly founded Imperial Acadamy of Couriscant (a sub-college of the massive Coriscant University) had offered him a full scholarship, including living stipend, to enter its college of archeology.

Sarad considered other options, but the lure of higher education and the pure economics of a full-ride offer eventually won over any reservations he might have about the newness of the school or its political affiliations. Sarad entered and logged a strong course schedule designed by Veris, who had become his P.I. The classes and early research work featured a heavy dose of Jedi and Sith lore, which he thought little of other than in the context of his P.I's clear interests. Things seemed to be going well.

Things took a dramatic near the end of his second year when his P.I. was suddenly killed on Lothal. A delay in finding him a new P.I. meant Sarad was already at the dig on Eedit when the paperwork went through. Once on-site, Sarad received a lot of pressure to work faster and longer from other Imperial officials. The pressure leads him to write and transmit the first round of his thesis back remotely and accept a formulaic letter saying it was being circulated.

Finally, after almost six years of remote classes and direct fieldwork, Sarad was able to pack up his notes and return to Coruscant. There he rented a small apartment (paid for by the Academy) and started seriously working on his doctorate thesis while cross-referencing his findings with the records within the Jedi Temple.

Palpatine's sudden death and the resulting exodus of imperial agents from the Imperial Capital affected Sarad more directly than he could have imagined. His stipend checks stopped coming. Within two months he received notice from his landlord that the apartment's rent was overdue. When he contacted the University of Coruscant, he was told there was no record of his registration. He broke into the office of his P.I. (who had also fled) only to discover he had no connection to the university or any museum. Artifacts without intrinsic value were scattered around in boxes, reports were piled up in the corner and his old master's thesis sat on the desk unread.


Sarad fell apart. He had no money, no place to live, and now no proof of any education. He camped out in the abandoned office for weeks trying to figure out what to do. Finally, running out of money and options, he gathered up what goods he could and headed out to the outer rim. At first, he intended to hire on to another college or museum dig. However, with the war entering its most overt stages and no more credentials than a lackluster charlatan, he found few such legitimate works.

As he grew more desperate, Sarad turned to more unsavory variants. It started with identifying a few artifacts for the 'retired' Hutt lord Tooga on Nar Shada. That turned into a commission to join the Hutt's buyer while he acquired new artifact for sale. Which spread to consultations to more Hutts and other underworld contacts. Better pay moved him from consultations to participation as he joined up with his first tomb raiding expedition.

Recently, the leader of Sarad's last antiquarian team made some rather unwise decisions regarding their direct employer, leading to his death (or capture) and the dissolution of the company. Reaching out to his now old contact Tooga, he learned about an opportunity at the far edge of the galaxy. Packing up what supplies he had managed to hold on to, Sarad headed to join the Expedition into the Unknown.



Build: (starting XP only) Total: 55 Unspent: 0


Brawn 3   Agility 3   Intellect 3
Cunning 2   Willpower 2   Presence 2


Wound Threshold 16   Strain Threshold 13   Force Rating n/a
Soak 3   Ranged Defense 0   Melee Defense 0
Obligation 5   Type: Debt; Family   Experiance 15

Racial Profile

Sarad Balance.JPG
  • Mandalorian humans begin the game with one rank in either a combat or two knowledge skills.
    • Knowledge: Education, Knowledge: Underworld
  • 105


  • Career: Explorer
  • Specialization: Archeologist
  • ✓ denotes class/specialization skill
Class? Skill Ability Level Roll
Astrogation Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Athletics Brawn Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Cool Presence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coordination Agility Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Discipline Willpower Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Medicine Intelligence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Perception Cunning ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.png
Piloting - Space Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Survival Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Education Intellect ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Xenology Intellect ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Lore Intellect ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Unknown Regions Intellect Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Outer Rim Intellect Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Knowledge: Underworld Intellect Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png


Explorer: Archaeologist

  • Well Rounded: (5) Gain two skills as career skills. (Coordination, Medicine)
  • Researcher:(5) Remove Eote-black-die.png from all Knowledge Checks. Research takes half the time.
  • Grit:(5) Gain +1 Strain Threshold.
  • Resolve: (10) When involuntarily suffering strain, suffer 1 less to a minimum of 1.
  • Toughened: (10) Gain +2 Wound Threshold.

Sarad - Explorer - Archaeologist.png



Sarad Airborne.jpg
  • Ancient Sword (Force and Destiny, p. 172)
    • Dmg +2, Crit 2, Rng Engaged, Enc 3, HP 0, 350 credits, Rarity 8
    • Defensive
    • Mono-Molecular Upgraded (Signature Item)
  • TLB Issue Light Blaster
    • Dam 5, Crit 4, Medium, Enc 1, HP 2,
    • Stun Setting
  • TLB Uniform
    • Def 0, Soak 1, Enc 1 (0 when worn), HP 0
  • Ancient personal deflector shield
    • Defense 1, Soak 0, Encumbrance 3
    • will require a customized power supply but can be worn over/in addition to a spacesuit or light armor

Other Equipment

  • Pretormin Gear Belt (25 cr, R-1, Enc. 0)
    • +1 Encumbrance, designed for Climbing Gear
    • Pretormin Environmental Basic Climbing Gear (50 cr, R-2, Enc. 1)
      • Synthrope, Pitons, Adhesive, Hook, Carabiners, etc.
Sarad's Notebook & Datapad
  • "Custom" Excavator's Tool Kit (TLB, R-7, Enc. 3)
    • Creshaldyne Surveyor's Bag (R-1, Enc. 0) [Lockable, Weatherproof]
    • Keenigh Synthleather Folio [Weatherproof]
      • Slimline datapad with high-definition recording
      • Flimsiplat Notebook; Finepoint Waterproof Pens
    • Organizer Pockets <Surveyor's Bag>
      • Small Spool of Monofilament, Tape Mesure
      • Spring-loaded shears for cutting roots and vines, Multitool
      • Large dust brush
    • Loronar Techweave Case {Easyclean Fabric]
      • Brushes of various sizes, Small picks
      • Tiny Hammer, Small Mallets of different weights and materials.
    • Digging Kit [Small Hardcase toolbox, Weather-resistant, Lockable]
      • Hand Spades
      • Stout Knife, Metal and ferroceramic files for sharpening tools
      • Larger Hammers and Mallets
    • Tagging Kit [Small multi-compartment pouch, weather-resistant]
      • Permanent Writing Utensils, Sample Bags, Adhesive, String Tags
      • Additional Measuring Equipment
  • Zerivon Handheld Commlink (25 cr, R-0, Enc. 0)


  • Imperial Credits: 25
  • Republic Credits 46
  • Calamari Flan 18
  • Wuppipi 11
  • Unknown Regions Credits: 1664


  • 1 week @ Moon Hotel