Chandra Devi

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Missions
XP: 650
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Jedi Knight Chandra Devi

Like nearly all Jedi of the late republic period, Chandra was taken from her planet and people at a young enough age to have almost no memory of them. She grew up among the younglings of the temple thinking of herself as just another of the innumerable races of aspirants. Yet, as she grew up could not help but feel that her instructors were watching her more closely the others. The feeling only caused her to focus more and push herself to do better. It wasn't until she was nearing her teenage years and was first allowed on trips outside of the temple that she realized she was better able to read the emotions of those around her then her classmates. When she asked one of the masters about this, they were at first evasive, but with persistence she got one to tell her about the strengths and weaknesses of her people. In a moment the extra attention made sense - Zeltrons were an emotional people, and they were concerned she would be no different.

Determined to master her emotions and become the Jedi she felt she was destined to be, Chandra dedicated herself to her instruction with her species' obsession. She quickly discovered that she had no talent for traditional introspection or meditation, but found solace in the mental and physical conditioning available. Seeing her power and connection to the Force grow, the Masters became split on what should be done with her. Master Ny-Sun finally broke the impasse by taking her on as a Padawan, convinced that not providing her instruction would more assuredly lead to issues then focusing her own strengths. Master Ny-Sun, himself an accomplished saberist, lead Chandra into the focused study of Form VI, intending her to find her own balance among the most balanced of the forms. She took to it like a fish to water, finding in the exercises and techniques the meditation and focus she hadn't found elsewhere.

<Insert> Despite the few inevitable slips, Master Ny-Sun was impressed with her progress. Mounting pressures of the Clone Wars and the need to take on another padawan lead the Master to submit her for the trials a few years earlier then he would have liked, but she succeeded and headed out for the first of what she had no doubt would be many missions.



Brawn 4   Agility 3   Intellect 2
Cunning 2   Willpower 1   Presence 3
Career Consular   Specializations 3   Total XP 90+600

(130 XP)


Wound Threshold 15   Strain Threshold 11   Force Rating 2
Soak 4   Ranged Defense 1   Melee Defense 3
Morality 57   Strength Enthusiasm   Weakness Obsession

Skills (Abridged)

  • ✓ denotes class/specialization skill
Skill Ability Level Roll
Athletics Brawn ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.png
Charm Presence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-blue-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-advantage.png
Coercion Willpower Eote-green-die.pngEote-blue-die.png
Cool Presence Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Coordination Agility ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.png
Deception Cunning Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-blue-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-advantage.png
Discipline Willpower ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Negotiation Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-advantage.png
Leadership Presence Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.png
Lightsaber Brawn ■■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Lore Intellect Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png
Pilot (both) Agility Eote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.png
Resilience Brawn ■■ Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-green-die.pngEote-force-die.pngEote-force-die.png
Skulduggery Cunning Eote-yellow-die.pngEote-green-die.png

(95 XP)


(320 XP)

  • Parry: Spend 3 strain to reduce melee damage by 5
  • Reflect: Spend 3 strain to reduce ranged damage by 8
  • Improved Reflect: When using reflect, spend 3 Eote-disadvantage.png or one Eote-despair.png to deal equal damage back.
  • Nobody's Fool: May upgrade difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion, or Deception checks once.
  • Defensive Training: When wielding a Lightsaber, Melee, or Brawl weapon, the weapon gains the Defensive (2) quality.
  • Improved Center of Being: As an incidental, spend 1 strain to increase the crit rating of weapons attacking you by 1.
  • Sum Djem: Spend Triumph or 2 advantage to disarm an opponent.
  • Street Smart: Remove Eote-black-die.png from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.

Force Powers

  • Enhance: When making an Athletics add your force dice, counting Force Points as Success or Advantage.
    • Enhance Coordination: Enhance dice may be rolled with Coordination.
    • Enhance Resilience: Enhance dice may be rolled with Resilience.
    • Enhance Piloting: Enhance dice may be rolled with Pilot (Planetary) and Pilot (Space).
    • Enhance Leap (4): Spend a force point to move within short distance as a maneuver. Increase distance with 1 force point. (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Influence: Spend a Force Point to cause strain or influence emotions.
    • Greater Influence: Spend a Force point to effect an additional target.
    • Influence Perception: Add Force Dice to Charm, Deception, Leadership or Negotiation.
  • Move: Spend a Force Point to move a small (Sil 0) object within short range.
  • Sense: Spend a Force Point to sense living things in short range.
    • Sense Danger (3): Commit a Force Die, upgrade the difficulty of an incoming attack twice. (2/round)
    • Sense Weakness: Commit a Force Die, upgrade the ability of a combat check once (1/round)

(145 XP)


  • Lightsaber An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.
    • Base: Basic Lightsaber (Damage 7, Critical 1, Engaged, Encumberance 2, HP 3/5, Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 2)
    • Crystal Ilum, Green Blade (Included, All Upgrades Attempted)
  • Blaster Rifle: Clone Trooper Issue (Damage 9, Critical 3, Long, Enchumberance 3, HP 3/4, Stun Setting
    • Weapon Sling: Decrease Encumberance
  • Armored Robes: +2 Soak, +1 Defense, Enc. 2/5 [or] Heavy Clothing: +1 Soak, Enc. 0/3
  • Utility Belt: +1 Encumberance