The Z-Team at DunDraCon

The origin of The Z-Team lies at DunDraCon (DDC). Many of us met at this annual gaming event in San Ramon in 2009. We met through a series of Star Wars games and by the end of the conference, we all expressed the notion that we'd want to play more Star Wars. As it turned out, most of us lived in San Jose, or near enough, to form a regular group. Friends were brought in until we formed the group that we have today.

Most of us go to DunDraCon every year, not only playing games but running games as well. We are the group that does the annual Star Wars Mega Game, a 5-GM, 20-Player coordinated event with an over-arching storyline connecting one year's event to another. Many of us also run other games as well, as you can see below. Games run by Z-Team members are listed with their title and the game system in brackets.


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DDC 40 (2016)

  • Angelus Ostrus (Homebrew d20)

DDC 39 (2015)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: Beacons in the Force (Force & Destiny)
  • Star Wars: We've Got a Bad Feeling About This (Edge of the Empire)
  • Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance, Episode 1 (Age of Rebellion)
  • Hogwarts Field Trip to San Francisco (World of Darkness)
  • Angelus Ostrus: The Dark Forest (Homebrew d20)

DDC 38 (2014)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: Power through the Force (Edge of the Empire)
  • Star Wars: Yub Yub, Commander (d6 WEG)
  • Angelus Ostrus: Stories of Gold and Blood (Homebrew d20)

DDC 37 (2013)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: An Awakening in the Force (Edge of the Empire)
  • Star Wars: Jedi Hunters of the ISB (Saga Edition)
  • Angelus Ostrus: Manifest Destiny (Homebrew d20)
Ad hoc:
  • Supernatural: The Remington Files (Supernatural RPG)

DDC 36 (2012)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: The Battle for Gailea (Saga Edition)
  • Star Wars: Bacta Run (Saga Edition)
  • Angelus Ostrus: The New World (Homebrew d20)

DDC 35 (2011)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: Return to Gailea (Saga Edition)
  • Star Wars: 'You didn't TELL me she was a........' (Wraith Squadron) (Saga Edition)
  • Angelus Ostrus: An Empire Ascendant (Homebrew d20)

DDC 34 (2010)

  • Star Wars Mega Game: The Fight for Gailea (Saga Edition)
  • Star Wars: Mercy and Vengeance (Saga Edition)
  • Once More Through the Gate... (D20 Modern)
  • Angelus Ostrus: Peace in our Time (Homebrew d20)

DDC 33 (2009)

  • Star Wars: Reunion of Old Friends (Saga Edition)
  • Star Wars: Keep Your Friends Close, and Best Friends Closer (Saga Edition)
  • Angelicus Ostrus (Homebrew d20)
Ad hoc:
  • Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance (Saga Edition)
The Z-Team Formed This Year

DDC 32 (2008)

  • Star Wars: What are YOU doing here??? (d20 Revised)
  • What Was That Sound? (D20 Modern)

DDC 31 (2007)

  • Star Wars: I'm Only In It For the Cash (d20 Revised)
  • Welcome to the Hoffman Institute (D20 Modern)

DDC 30 (2006)

  • Star Wars: Decisions and Survival (d20 Revised)

DDC 29 (2005)

  • Star Wars: Bye Bye Jedi (d20 Revised)